What they look for to English dub certain titles
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Posted 1/16/11 , edited 1/16/11
While not all anime will ever get dubbed to English, the ones that are most likely to do that are the highly marketable ones. Heroman has a much better chance at getting dubbed than Akikan because the comic book superhero vibe. While Fullmetal Alchemist doesn't carry the aforementioned vibe, it had a strong enough audience to get dubbed into English. Merchandise-drooling shows like Naruto, Bleach, and the magical card game shows also show most promise.

However, outside of these (sales are included in the aforementioned factors) and the fact it depends on said title, what would licensing companies look for to put into an English dub? For a hypothetical example, Asura Cryin' is to be dubbed by Funimation or Sentai Filmworks though the show's audience is would be a small like other fan service/moe/harem shows tend to compared to more mainstream titles like Naruto. Simarly, other simulcasts on CrunchyRoll like White Album and Erin that have a niche following are unlikely to ever dubbed into English as much as certain people would like. Again, I ask you speculators what you think companies would look for to decide on the aforementioned niche titles and others warranting a dub.
Posted 1/16/11
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Anyway, I read what you posted, and I agree. The merchandise, popularity, demograph, genre, etc.

Posted 1/16/11
Not much besides what you listed.. Just a series that has a big enough fanbase. I'm guessing that companies also get their anime dubbed so that they can sell it to the US and such :\ but of course, thats just common sense
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Posted 1/16/11
obviously first thing that comes to my mind is will it sell well enough to make up for the cost it all, second is can it be advertised to be able to sell to those that are not too familiar with said series and get them interested into buying it. another would be can it be translated, written and casted well enough that people who are familiar with the series will still enjoy.
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