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Posted 1/24/11 , edited 1/25/11
hehe im up here* pop out of the sinling* im trying to say hi to the new people
Posted 1/25/11 , edited 1/26/11
O.o well i'll come up and join the welcoming party
Posted 1/26/11 , edited 1/26/11
hehe *smiles* thus is places iss sooo fun u never wana leave
Posted 1/26/11 , edited 1/26/11
tru dat tru dat XD so who r the new recruits???
Posted 1/27/11 , edited 1/27/11
i dont know they wont talk to me * tears up*
Posted 2/3/11 , edited 2/3/11
Well that's not very nice. *i bang on the walls* HEY NEWCOMERS GET UR ASSES OVER HERE AND INTRO-DUCE YOURSELVES!!! *a few minutes later i get thrown in2 a nearby table**I get up grumbling, i flick out a card with a bunch of writing, i focused my engery and the card glowed* Reveal! *and the ghost who threw me appeared, i grabbed one's hand and threw him to the ground while i kicked the other in the face, both looked shocked as ever** i waved the paper* sacred spells...also good for binding, curses, and of course making spirits visible and touchable as if they were youve got 10 secs to introduce yourselves and apologize to Lily before i kick your asses even further.
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