Anarchy Online
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Posted 1/20/11 , edited 1/21/11
I didnt see a topic for AO was just wondering if it was still going and if anyone here has played it?
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Posted 2/24/11 , edited 2/24/11
i've been playing it. my brother play it from time to time. in 5 days without almost no sleep at all he got from lvl 1 to 150.. he's only good at those "nerdy" games but yeah, anarchy is a good game once you gain some higher lvls and get some online friends to play with. and yes, the game is still running because shortly they will give it a graphics boost, the graphics will become really good. even tho i already like the graphics they have, because it adds a special feeling to the game ^w^

from time to time i start thinking of downloading that game again, but i dont have anyone to play it with and it is a pretty slow game when new :P

oh, and the anarchy one world is HUGE

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