What grinds your gear?
Posted 1/20/11
What's grinds your gear? Something that irritates you a lot?

Mine is when you ask for a piece of a paper and the holes are ripped, and also when people walk slower than a zombie in the hallway.
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25 / M / O.C. So.Cal
Posted 1/20/11
gear grinders
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24 / F / Your Cookie Jar
Posted 1/20/11 , edited 1/20/11
liars who lies are obvious
slow walking people
people who doesn't know when to stop talking
mom and step dad
dad's girlfriend
screaming children
crying babies
anyone who looks at a girl's breasts or butt & think the girl doesn't notice >___>
people who make fun of loners
people who ask stupid questions,
people who can't take a hint you don't like them

....the list may go on but I'm too tired to do so =w=
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22 / M / Right behind you
Posted 1/20/11
People who randomly use Japanese in real life.
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