The Hope of You
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Posted 1/20/11 , edited 1/21/11
STORY BY: Yoshirou Hirashi // iYoshirou
DATE: Monday, January 17th, 2010 @ 7:28 PM

The Hope of You [ My Dearly Beloved ]

It all happened on one day. Just that one simple summer. I didn't have to look at him, I didn't have to talk to him, but I did. I talked to that son of a [insert swear word here]. But, if I hadn't talked to him, I wouldn't be where I am right now.

"You need to learn how to become independent, Ariel. If you don't, you'll always be the same. You'll never get along with anyone. Don't be such a damn, lazy assed, shy [insert swear word here]." Those words pierced my heart the first time I heard them, to every time it was repeated in my mind. His words influenced me. I only depended on him in the past, and now I depend on myself. I guess that guy I called my "best friend" was right.

"Hey! Ariel, get over here, we're about to start the concert."

"Wha--?!" I watched him fall. It was like watching a dog trying to imitate a cat on a wall. Ariel Blacksmith, some guy I met in school. He's annoying, irritating, arrogant, and any other insult you could ever think of, but yet, I hang out with him like he's the best person in the world. They annoyance asked me one day at school, "Hey, Jack. D'ya wanna become a famous rock band with me?" and that's where this whole hell hole started.

"What the hell do you think scaring me like that?! You almost gave me a heart-attack, you dumbass." He was smiling, and I was laughing. The both of us burst into loud laughter on the roof of the company. "Don't call me a dumbass, you lazyass."

Posted 1/20/11 , edited 1/21/11
I love it, can't wait until you finish it <3
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so far its really good(: !
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