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Posted 1/21/11 , edited 1/21/11

The Cerulean Gym is the official gym of Cerulean City. It is based on Water-type Pokémon. The Gym Leader is Misty. Trainers that defeat her receive the Cascade Badge. Other known members include Swimmer Briana, Swimmer Parker, Swimmer Diana, Swimmer Luis, and Picnicker Diana. The Cerulean Gym is designed like an indoor swimming pool, with platforms above the water for the player to walk on. There are no puzzles to solve in this gym.

Swimmer Luis's Pokemon:

shellder level 16
Horsea level 15

Picnicker Diana's Pokemon
Staryu level 17

♥ Once you have defeat Luis & Diana u may battle Misty ♥
Gym Leader Misty's Pokemon:
Staryu level 18
Stamie level 21

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