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These Rules Will Be Followed Or Punishment Will Follow.

1. All characters must have flaws. No God-Modding.
2. If you are an actual character from the anime no OOC [out of character] rp'ing.
3. Keep things PG13 to moderate 16+. There will be a forum thread for 18+.
4. If you are a pirate don't hang around marineford. The same for marines in pirate hangouts.
5. Keep It fair.
6. Please Be Logical. If you think it's wrong it probably is.
7. Characters from the actual series may only be used by MODs and by normal members on special situation. You'll have to ask a MOD or the Creator if you want to arrange for such a special situation.
8. Any New Rules Made By The Creator And The Mods Must Be Followed So Check This Page As Often As Possible.
New Rule! Number Nine; apparently, it has come to my notice in battle scenes that no one happens to be inflicted with damage, or anything serious, or fatal. If you remember One Piece, no matter the rank, most characters acquire wounds during the battle and leave with them. I assure you, I understand completely what your rank signifies and how much strength that enables you especially if you’re a fruit user consorting with the marines or pirates. But, you must understand, that battle must be fair and everyone once in awhile someone has to be hit or injured in some way. We can’t have everyone evading most of the attacks unscathed. Be a little more realistic. Be more logical about it. If you dislike me for this rule, then do so. My character certainly won't escape every battle. He'll be injured in most of them if he participates. Well, some abide by this rule. - Akilade
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