So many lady oriented threads. Gentlemen of CR.....
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Posted 1/25/11 , edited 1/26/11

Most of these are noted for their extreme manliness. Some of them, not so much. All of them are extremely good though.
I've got an extensive list. Bolded are the super awesome epic gottacheckemout manga/animes

Darker than Black anime

TTGL anime

Gantz manga

Battle Royale manga

Eden no Ori


The Breaker

Until Death Do Us Part (which is extremely manly, despite its shoujo-esque name)

Tough -Actually check this out, the manliness is overwhelming :D

Wolf Guy Ookami no Monshou

Highschool Of The Dead- manga version

Full Metal Panic

... and many more I can't think of at the moment.

On a side note, can anyone recommend a manga? I'll reply if I've read it before (I've read a LOT). And please, please don't recommend something extremely well known.
Posted 1/25/11 , edited 1/26/11
Misleading title xD
I read all the bolded manga. Although I never finished any, I still like them =)

And sorry personal threads ain't allowed
Wow first time I used "ain't" xD

Make a page on your profile to share your list, and ask for recommendations here!
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