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Posted 2/2/11
Ive been a member of crunchyroll for a long time now but i keep having buffering issues. 90 percent of the time all videos play fine, but sometimes it just starts stuttering. Now don't go saying that my internet line is not good enough, because i have 100/100 mbit/s fiberoptic line to my house, and everytime the video starts stuttering i run a speedtest, not only to europe based servers, but to american servers too, and each and every time the speed of my line is good enough...

I know congestion and peak hours can pose problems for streaming services like this, but when I pay for membership I kind of expect it to be working properly too... Other than that, im completely in love with CR so i hope you can somehow fix the problems im having.
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Posted 2/4/11
This is being discussed in the following thread:

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