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20 / F / In the Eva
Posted 9/20/12
''Let's do this,little Ai.''Ai nodded and she and Kurogane opened the door.Zero was sitting on his desk signing some papers and Shiwa was sewing something on the coach.Both of them looked up.''What is it darling?You brought another friend?'' ''He seems familiar.Do I know him from somewhere?''Zero asked.He didn't see Ai sneaking behind him until she tied him with the rope.''What?!''Kuro bowed.''Zero-san,my name is Kurogane Yamamoto.I've come to ask you for your permission to date your daughter Nana.'' ''So it was you!No!''Zero glared at him.''Dad,please.Kuro-chan really loves onee-chan and she loves him too.Please give hima chance.''Ai begged.''No way.'' ''Please!'' ''No-'' ''Dear,give the boy a chence.Even when they were kids it was clear that they were in love.''Shiwa said.''I don't want to give my baby girl to him.Isn't Ai enough?''Shiwa smiled and hugged him from behind.''They will still be your baby girls even after this.However,both of them need to grow up and find someone else who will protect them.''Zero sighed.''Okay fine with me but I'll be watching you.If you hurt her in any way I will murder you.''Kuro gulped.''I finally have another son-in-law.It was time for Nana to find a boyfriend.'' By the way what were you doing,mom?''Shiwa looked at her daughter and smiled.''You see,I decided to make some costumes for your friend.'' ''No,mom!You're not making any clothes for Ray-chan!'' ''But,but....'' ''No is a no.''Shiwa sighed.''Fine.But you'll wear this for a day.''She put cat ears on Ai's head.The girl blushed.''O-okay.Now let's go,Kuro-chan.''Kurogane nodded and they left the room.
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