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It's the zombie apocalypse!
Posted 6/6/11
therapy all time low..
a pen
kona chan
fried fish
ripped up skinny jeans with fishnets underneath, combat boots and an alice in wonderland tee shirt.

well, im pretty fucked arent I?
*stabs zombie in eye with pen*
Posted 6/6/11
Theme song, The Duck Sonq ;D
Weapon, Chopsticks
Partner, SausageDog
Health Potion, Marshmallows
Outfit, Pajamas

Im going to get zombified ! >:
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27 / M / Niagara Falls N.Y
Posted 6/6/11
Theme Song:
Weapon: 2 Machetes and a Pistol
Partner: Harley Davidson Custom Bike
Health Potions: Unusual Red Paste in a vial
Outfit: Green Hoodie, With Combat Fatiques, and a Bandolier .45 cal Pistol

"Is that a zombie?!" naaaaww thass just my grand-pappi...

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28 / M
Posted 6/7/11 , edited 6/7/11

WaredoDyrge wrote:

Time to gear up!

Last song you listened to is now your theme song.
Last thing you held is now your weapon.
Last person you talked to is now your partner.
Last thing you ate is your health potion.
What you are wearing is now your outfit.

Now then, how prepared/ fucked are you?

My answers:

Theme song: "I Know You," by The Pillows
Weapon: My cat
Partner: My grandmother
Health Potion: Little Debbie Swiss Cake Roll
Outfit: Pajamas


Bring it on you rotting undead fucks!!!

Last Song: Craig Connelly - Absolute Electric
SWEET! I could kill zombies all year while in the trace-like state this trance piece induces in me.

Last thing I held: Red oak bokken
Just got back from training. Hm....not epic and awesome, but it could have been worse...

Last person I talked to: My lazy friend, Luciana.
Totally screwed. All she does is sleep and eat and shop. I think she is allergic to exercise.

Last thing I ate: Gum
Wow, so I am essentially invincible as long as I chew gum....GREAT!

I am wearing a t-shirt, a flannel shirt, and mesh shorts.
I'd be cold at night, but as long as I have gum, I am golden.

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25 / F / BK NY
Posted 6/30/11 , edited 6/30/11
Last song: So far away - Avenged Sevenfold
Last thing held: a bowl
Last thing I ate: Noodles....
Last person talked to: A guy that has feelings for me.
Wearing: My school breast cancer walk shirt, pj pants, slippers.
Posted 6/30/11
last song: in my head - mayday parade
last thing held : well nothin lol
last thing i ate : grilled sandwiches
last person talked to : my sis
wearing : well its enough 4 ur knowlege
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F / Crunchyroll
Posted 6/30/11
last song: tears run dry - amy winehouse
last thing held : water bottle
last thing i ate : cookie
last person talked to : mother
wearing : sando and shorts
Posted 7/23/11
I'll play on the piano for the final time Yin no Piano.
NOTHING! I'll punch those ******* down!
Her. I wouldn't want her hurt.
A suit

I'm unprepared at the beginning but i've been waiting for something like this to happen so much. Eventually I become pro

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27 / F / United States
Posted 7/23/11
Theme song: Pretending, by the cast of Glee
Weapon:. Computer mouse
Partner: Friend from school
Health Potion: Milk Duds
Outfit: Shorts and a t-shirt, no shoes.

I'm screwed, dude.
Posted 7/26/11
theme song: New Low - Middle Class Rut
weapon: Cell
Partner: best friend <3
health potion: an egg
outfit: boxers and a shirt
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20 / My House
Posted 8/31/11
theme song : reach out to the truth - shoji meguro
weapon : broken glass
partner : my shadow
health : gum
outfit : school uniform

i'm READY!!

Posted 8/31/11 , edited 8/31/11
Theme song: Death In Fire
Weapon: Laptop?
Partner: Brother
Health potion: Air
Outfit: Pajamas

You guys are fucked xD
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25 / M / Bolton, UK
Posted 8/31/11
Female Housemate
Less Than Jake Hoodie, Arabic Scarf and Black Jeans...

Not too bad methinks...
Posted 8/31/11
Theme song: Shooting Star - BACK-ON (Hell yeah)
Weapon: .... my keyboard, mouse. And previously (but a now empty) 2 ltier of Dr. Pepper? Oh, great. I'm so loaded.
Partner: Clannad89... something. D:<
Health potion: Cereal.
Outfit: basketball shrots. JUST basketball shorts. <_<

I'm fucked beyond unbelievable proportions. But at least I'll die with a fellow German!
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25 / Europe
Posted 8/31/11
Theme song: Kill EVERYBODY - skrillex
Weapon: Tea cup and spoon
Partner: One of my best friends
Health Potion: Bananas
Outfit: Shorts and a top. no shoes damn.

imma kill those things YEAH!
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