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Post Reply This new anime is quite the catch
Posted 2/10/11 , edited 2/10/11
This show is far from what I expected it to be. Waaay out of the ball park. Unexpected plots and humor make it an absolute winner for me. To think I was about to leave this simulcast for latter. Seriously of all the new simulcasts available in my region this one bests them.

It's an unexpected favorite for me. I believe the trailers didn't do justice to this eccentric and fun show.

Whatever your opinion about it is feel free to leave any you may have about this new simulcast below.
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Posted 2/10/11
I have to completely agree with you! I thought it was going to be a dark, more serious story but turns out I about died laughing in some parts!

I do hope that it continues for a long time, despite on having 3 volumes in it's manga version.
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Posted 2/20/11
I agree completely. A breath of fresh air from the past. They're animating this very faithfully from the manga, though, so I wouldn't count on it running long at all. Which is a pity, because I'll never get tired of the prince's trolling. I really wish that Yoshihiro Togashi would write a sequel to it - perhaps after he finishes HunterXHunter though. Heh.
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Posted 3/6/11
love it. maybe it's a good thing it's short though. quality over quantity i guess. i look forward to mondays!
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Posted 4/11/11
the ending was so epic..... i mean the plot twists are so MIND BLOWING that i just threw up from sheer WTF SYNDROME!!!!
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Posted 4/18/11
The ending was great. I almost want more, but I feel it's the sort of thing where the novelty might wear off if it goes on for too long. OTOH
did make the whole thing well worth watching along with its parodies and oddly touching stories (the mermaid episode, the Macbac Queen) and one bit of weird horror with the film pitch in episode 4. Great series.

With the manga only being 16 chapters long, obviously I don't see this getting a continuation, but it would be nice to see some extra bits, perhaps the chapters the anime did not adapt (there is meant to be one, 'Honeymoon', which presumably follows up on the 13th episode).
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