Freaks Episode 2: The Escape, Part 2
Posted 2/10/11

M.R.D. soldiers: AH! UGH!


M.R.D. soldier 8: What was that? An explosion?

M.R.D. soldier 6: yeah, It must be Greg. That freak is causing the explosion.

M.R.D. soldier 8: Sir, can you hear me? Sir!

M.R.D. soldier 6: I think our squad leader is down. And the others. We better check.

M.R.D. soldier 7: Huff! Huff! Look!

M.R.D. soldier 8: Crap! All Units! We need help. FAST! We got injured men down here.

Greg: Yo Danny! You still there? Hello?

Danny: I'm here, Greg. So how's your plan working?

Greg: My plan already worked. Didn't you hear the explosion?

Danny: Well yes. I.... Anyways, we need to call the rest of the others.

Greg: yeah, It's about time we do.

Danny: Hey! Isn't that Qwan and Henry?

Greg: Finally. They're here.

Qwan: Huff! Huff!

Henry: Oh boy. We're glad to meet you guys.

Danny: Yes, I guess you would say the time always have to wait.

Qwan: Huh. You can say that again.

Greg: Anyways, where is Sharon and Christy?

Henry: They still must be in the prison facility. I guess.

Greg: Yo what? Oh man!

Qwan: Oh geez! This is just great. Now we have to get them?

Danny: Actually, I have a better idea.

Greg: Like what?

Danny: Well, we just have to wait for Ryan's contact.

Qwan: yeah, he told us to wait here until he calls.

Greg: yeah.

Outside the entrance of the facility.

Ryan: Sir! This is Ryan speaking. I'm at the entrance.

Director Stash: Copy that. You know what you're up to?

Ryan: I know what I'm doing sir.

Director Stash: ok, then do it. We need them. Fast!

Ryan: Yes Sir! Ryan Out.

Director Stash has been giving me a headache lately. I guess anyone could say about angry generals in those days. Yeah, he was a general alright. A former general.

Ryan: ok, team. Let's move it.

Inside the facility

Sharon: Christy! you're done?

Christy: yeah, I am. It's time to go. We don't have much time. They must be on the hills by now. Waiting for us.

Sharon: yeah, I'm with you. Let's go.

Meanwhile in the Director's office....

Director Stash: These muties.... They really give me a headache.

Dr. Frank Mendol: Wouldn't Sharon count as one?

Director Stash: Look, doc. If you're here to talk about my daughter......

Dr. Frank: Actually, I'm not. But it seems to me that you do care for her.

Director Stash: Ever since she was a child, I raised her to be a normal girl until that thing happened.

Dr. Frank: I see.

Director Stash: If she were a normal girl, I would definitely keep her safe from all these freaks that she joins with.

Dr. Frank: Well you see, Director. I've been working on a formula that can neutralize their powers.

Director Stash: You mean dampening?

Dr. Frank: Well yes. You could say that. I'm sure you have no problem about your daughter being.....

Director Stash: Wait! Not yet. I think I have a plan.

Dr. Frank: oh ok.

Director Stash: Dr. Frank, do we have something useful for Sharon. Something that cannot allow her to scan us or anyone.

Dr. Frank: Well, we have top scientists who are creating a mind probe. It's able to resist Sharon's scanning ability.

Director Stash: Hmmm. We'll use her for a while. In that way, she won't able to tell what our motivations are. Or who we are, for that matter.

Dr. Frank: Does Sharon know about you?

Director Stash: Of course she knows about me. Why else she would have that scanning ability?

Dr. Frank: Hmmm. Don't worry, Director. We'll have the mind probes ready in no time.

Director Stash: In the meantime, Doctor. You work on that formula of yours.

Dr. Frank: Certainly, Director.

Outside the facility.

Qwan: Hey! There they are. Geez. Where were you girls?

Sharon: We were being ambused by the M.R.D. I had Christy for help.

Greg: Same here.

Danny: yeah, those M.R.D. sure gave us a back pain.

Christy: Guys! We need Ryan. When will he call us?

Greg: Right about..... Now.

Beep Beep! Beep Beep! Click!

Ryan: Guys, are you still there? Were you able to get out?

Qwan: Yes, Ryan. We're all here. No worries.

Ryan: Thank goodness. I guess my plan worked.

Qwan: You guess? Dude, your plans always work. Anyways, what's our next step?

Ryan: Go to the next hills and meet me there. I have something to show you.

Qwan: ok Ryan. Give us the direction where you're heading. We'll meet you there.

Sharon: I wonder what Ryan has something to show us?

Qwan: Sharon, if you were a telepath. You would definitely know.

Meanwhile in Dr. Frank's lab......

Assistant: Doctor! Doctor! I have some results on the formula. Do you want to......

Dr. Frank: Not now. Miss. I need to figure out how to work this thing.

Assistant: What is it, Doctor?

Dr. Frank: It's just that I'm trying to figure how these mutants were able to use their powers.

Assistant: ok? I see.

Dr. Frank: Yes, I need to.... How's that formula coming along?

Assistant: Well, you see the results are negative. We tried on a mutant who is able to change his shadow's size and shape.

Dr. Frank: Hmmmmm. I guess we still need to work on that. In the meantime......

Assitant: Doctor, what is it?

Dr. Frank: Aha! I got it! I think I know how to....... Miss, send me some samples of mutant DNA. I have something to deal with these freaks.

Assistant: ok, Doctor.

Dr. Frank: Just wait. You will see to this day that I will be the one to crush mutantkind once and for all.

To be continued in Freaks Episode 3: Freedom
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