Hokage Naruto's right hand man
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Posted 2/11/11
Does anyone (For the record, though I see Sakura more of being Mrs. Hokage, I won't rule out the extremely unlikely yet unneeded possibility Hinata) think that when Naruto becomes Hokage, Shikamaru would be his right hand man? That is, the person he consults the most for advice and military issues? I cite, for evidence sakes, how Tsunade has ofen used him as a military advisor. While I don't know if Shikamaru would be good as Hokage with his relaxed nature, him being someone that our beloved moron (For those that bash Maile Flanagan as Naruto, her voice, I feel, reflects the fact that he is supposed to a loyal yet stupidly obnoxiously loud hero) for advice would be second to none.
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