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What would you rather choose?
Posted 2/12/11 , edited 2/12/11
B Because I can just bring him along to some of my classes to get him fit and healthy, or just not care. If he's happy in himself his personality will be gold and thats more important.
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32 / M / WI
Posted 2/12/11
Yeah, I'd probably pick B as well... Honestly, I don't care much about looks, but personality and attitude are huge for me. If they have an infectious smile, all the better.
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28 / Norway
Posted 2/12/11

kunimitsu_tezuka wrote:

I started to ask people this question just out of curiosity!! :)

What would you rather choose

A. a person who is ugly but hot body?

B. a person who is beautiful/handsome but not so good body?

C. a person who has a hot body, gorgeous face but ugly personality?

I would choose B!! :)))

This is a poll, we got polls for a reason.
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