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Ideal Guy/Girl?
Posted 2/16/11
~clean looking
~a member of a band or a writer
~doesn't have much bad habits
~a 'stick to one' guy ..
~knows how to dress well ..

[it's just like i described the guy that i really like]
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25 / M / Baxter Building
Posted 2/16/11
I like girls who are either classy/sophisticated, or tomboyish.
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F / nowhere
Posted 2/16/11
i'll know it when i find it.
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22 / F / Leaf village
Posted 2/17/11
Likes anime, and is cul abt it.

Not emo, but i'm hit on mostly by emos.

The first and only time i was asked out, it was a guy like this-

he's from school, but i never knew he was so emo. I liked him, but after i saw him like that, he kinda repulsed me. I didn't even talk to him next day in school. Rly mean of me, i know, specially when he was so good, but yea, emos have this effect on me.
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30 / M
Posted 2/17/11
1 simple thing.

girl that enjoys cooking.

so rare these days.
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23 / M / New York
Posted 2/19/11
-not obnoxious
-always there for me
-knows limits
-not doing bad things like (alcohol, cheating and drugs)
-nice looking hair and straight, (long/short doesn't matter)
-short like 5'2-5'6
-takes the relationship seriously
-no drama queens, stuck up (you know), money stealer, and more of those bad types
-innocent, pure
-does not say curse words
-great smile
-loves to play video/card games
-knows how to speak Korean
-average looking or sexy
-not arrogant
-not rude
-no pimples or not too much
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27 / F / Evergreen, Colora...
Posted 2/19/11

Narutobacca25 wrote:

If I were to look for my ideal girl, the personality would be the most important.

Someone with an open mind.
Someone who can laugh at my occasional dry humor.
Someone who can smile with me. Frequently.
Someone not opposed to discussion about philosophy, psychology, and society in general.
Someone who's not opposed to video games, card games, or board games.
Someone who likes music, especially instrumental, but a good tolerance for many genres.
Someone who isn't opposed to being doted upon regularly.
Someone who I can talk to well into the night before going to bed.
Someone who can look past body for beauty.
Someone that enjoys taking walks.
Someone who likes the idea of gardening and/or greenhouses.
Someone who's not opposed to slapping me when I need it.
Someone who can take the semi-random pranks and bouts of mischievousness I have and laugh about it, maybe even return the favor.
Someone who takes relationships seriously.
Someone who is looking for a lifelong partner rather than quick meet-ups.
Someone who can criticize me when I do something that may not be agreeable.
Someone who will remain loyal and trustworthy in times of joy and hardship.
Someone who doesn't mind to be complimented on things I find endearing. Often.
Someone who will put effort into a relationship.
Someone who doesn't needlessly swear, or swear at all.
Someone who doesn't mind productive criticism.
Someone who doesn't mind cooking or being cooked for.
Someone who doesn't mind being bragged about when I'm among friends.

I don't mind if they're tall or short.
I don't mind what color hair or eyes they have (but I might comment on them anyway if I find them fascinating)
I don't mind how they consider themselves physically.
I don't mind long shopping trips.
I don't mind cuddling.
I don't mind adopting.
I don't mind taking care of kids in general.
I don't mind religious predispositions.

Suppose that's quite a list, but I think it's exactly what I'm looking for.

Wow. <3 Seems like, despite not caring about the little and superficial things, you have high (albeit reasonable) standards. I think I fit most of those except the swearing one. I've never minded swearing and I do swear quite a bit. o.O That's really sweet. I like your list.
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Florida, US
Posted 2/19/11

magicuser360 wrote:

Someone with blue skin.


Posted 2/20/11

rotisserie wrote:

magicuser360 wrote:

Someone with blue skin.


Gosh, that picture was SEXY. Lol, thanks for sending! :3
Posted 3/9/11 , edited 3/9/11
I like my bitches thick, curvy, nd bootyful. If they aint got it in the back, they can STEP back you got me
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27 / M / HFIL
Posted 3/9/11
She has to be asian and with a sense of humor.
Posted 3/9/11
He has to be sensitive, sweet, caring, honest, taller than me (Lol, I'm 5'4"), and who treats a girl like she's the only girl in the world.
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F / In Wonderland wit...
Posted 3/9/11
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19 / F / texas
Posted 3/9/11 , edited 3/9/11
hmm well...

my ideal guy

one that is taller than im 5'7
either blonde hair or brown and maybe red
nice smile and teeth
blue or green eyes
athletic and healthy
good sense of humor
someone who doesnt do bad stuff like drugs and ect
and Down-to-Earth

oh and
Childish (a little immature)
Can sing or play an instrument
and doesnt like to cheat
Posted 3/9/11
Just the usual tall, dark and handsome. . . just kidding.

But I usually like guys who are taller than me, have a cool attitude, respectful, know common sense and at least good-looking in their way.
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