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Ideal Guy/Girl?
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28 / M / A rainy paradise...
Posted 3/21/11
1. She needs to take great care of her body; be in optimal health; exercises regularly and eats to maintain that health
2. She needs to contribute to my purpose
3. I need to be able to contribute to her purpose
4. She needs to be constantly growing
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24 / F
Posted 3/21/11
Someone taller than me [5'5.5"]
Someone goofy, funny, dorky. Not as dorky as me though.
Someone with nice flippy hair.
Tattoos and piercings are a plus.
Someone open-minded, has goals/ambitions, and is passionate about something.
Someone who can handle my slick mouth, and oppose me for fun.
Someone who likes pandas and Pokemanz. Videogames too!
Someone not afraid to stand up for what they believe in~
And someone down to earth, but kinda weird like me.
Posted 3/21/11 , edited 3/21/11
* Meet my standards for good looking.
* Can engage in intellectual or otherwise fun chitchat.
* Will understand I value my ideals greatly.
* Won't need me hovering over her telling what to do.
* Will understand I'm possessive.
* Mutual agreements.

I'm not looking for an 'interest', I'm looking for someone I can truthfully consider an equal.

Edit: And * Someone that understands I'm as dense as a rock when it comes to 'dropping hints'.
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F / With my hand in t...
Posted 3/29/11
* Sense of humor
* Wit
* Intelligence
* Arrogance
* Heath conscious of their body
* NOT clingy
* High libido
* Dirty mouth (language)
* Understands my need for freedom
* Open minded / free thinking
* Non-Judgmental

I could keep going I suppose...
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30 / F
Posted 3/29/11
What is your IDEAL girl/guy?

There is no
Perfect like me
Posted 3/30/11
My ideal guy is like ikuto sweet kind ,though he teases a bit ,loves you for you has a cute gentle smile is like a neko XD some who makes you blush easly , an has his cool hair like him (lol though that might be impossible) XD oh an kinda shy though a bit mysterious but (not in a bad way o_o) lol
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Posted 4/1/11
Someone who doesn't exist in this world. xD
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22 / F / CALIFORNIA (Shoop...
Posted 4/3/11
This is every girls type! SOO HOT AND DREAMY!>.<
Posted 4/24/11
He has to make me laugh, cuddle with me regularly, and just take care of me.
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20 / F / New York
Posted 4/24/11
I favor soft hair, cleanliness, a nice smile, a quirky laugh, healthy body and self esteem. He must have manors and good behavior. He should have aspirations and dreams with motivation and determination. He should consider education to be in high value and he should also treat his family with high value as well. I prefer someone with a kind heart and a soft spot for animals. He should be someone who i can relax around and have an easy time communicating with. I dislike yelling, arguing, drunkenness and excessive cursing and so i wish for none of these from him. To sum it all up i just want a nice guy
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26 / M / California, Hawai...
Posted 4/24/11
two words yamato nadeshiko
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25 / F
Posted 4/24/11
- At least somewhat intelligent
- Not hideous
- Quiet
- Open-minded
- Is willing to put up with me
- Understands that I'm not an affectionate person and I'm terrible when it comes to romance
- Not too muscly or tall
- Likes animals (or at least doesn't mind them)
- Preferably has an interest in video games and/or anime and manga
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32 / M / england
Posted 4/24/11
i'd like a girl that will:
bite and stratch and bitch and moan,
with a mind as perverse and twisted as my own.

or i'd settle for a girl with a pretty face, i quite like girls with unusual or unique looks or dress sense, as for personality as long as she's not rude or cruel then i'd be happy
Posted 4/24/11
A female version of myself. This will lead to total compatibility.
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F / Davao
Posted 4/24/11
*Someone who's smarter than me. (Impossible?)
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