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Posted 2/12/11
I'll share my psd coloring. It works!, It makes the quality of the picture into high quality, most works in anime pictures. Some users already tested it.

Posted 2/12/11
|-Click the picture to download the psd :)

- - - - - - -

I also want to share my original character I've drawn is Adobe Photoshop CS4 -Kisa Tosaka-

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Posted 2/19/11
Well, I just got this: traced from Haru and Gokudera to get Reiko and Gokudera xD

And I kinda recolored Lotti to get Reiko Sawada(OC)

And another Lotti recolored to get my OC, Olivia and "Firamon"
Posted 2/20/11
@Zetsumei_Kisaki: KEWL! X3
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