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Posted 2/14/11

what you go by:
Name of character:

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Posted 2/16/11
name of character: Grace
age: 16
grade: 10
powers: she can change into a like cat woman and she defeats the evil
personality: cool and wants to be girly
Posted 2/18/11
name: destaney
age: 17
powers: her vocie ,and her look
personality: quite , shy , and brave
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Posted 2/19/11

Name: Clovis
age: 16
grade: 10
powers: Reality manipulation and fate control.
personality: down to earth and brutally honest.
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Posted 2/19/11
Name of character : Melon
Age : 16
Grade : 10
Powers : She can do Fire, Water, Lightning, Earth, Wind. The color of the fire,water,lightning,earth,wind is Purple but a little pinkish!
Personality: She is Shy to the people who are new to her and They are serious to her!. She is also ACTIVE! , Funny, Cool, when shes with her team/group.
When it comes to enemies! Shes BRAVE and COOL!
Isn't that awesome? >.<"
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30 / M / United Kingdom
Posted 3/6/11
what you go by: Phantom
Name of character: Kai Maarks
age: 21
grade: ???
powers: Extremely heightened physical parameters (eyesight, hearing, reflexes etc)
personality: Very cock sure of himself, tries to hit it off with the ladies... Normally fails miserably.
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M / SoCal
Posted 3/6/11
Name of character: Malicust
age: 25
grade: 99
powers: All of them. But primarily his ability to make girls melt when he smiles and looks into their eyes.
personality: Total douche bag.
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24 / M / Minneapolis, MN,...
Posted 3/7/11 , edited 3/7/11
Name of character: Brendan
age: 17, it's the best age :P
grade: ...uh what's this even mean? I'll just go with.. 12 xD
powers: Infinite Ingenuity
personality: I like my current personality right now, thank you vewwey much :3
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Posted 4/12/11
Why is this here and what is the point of it? If this is for a made up rpg you're interested in making and wanting participants I think it really doesn't belong here in general gaming.
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Posted 4/14/11
Don't misunderstand. But this DOES belong here. Becaise it IS an original game jRPG character that these people want to see.

Name of character: Evan Levin
age: 16 (25 in normal muscular state)
grade: junior

His powers allow him to gain muscle like you'd see a blue aura cover him. Everything from his chest, back, legs, arms would gain muscle. Also he uses fists


He's on the alliance of good. Which

ht: 5'7 (6'3 in his normal muscular state)
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