New Girl Group! First MV and Live Performance!
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Posted 2/14/11 , edited 3/14/11

Do not let the look fool you, these girls are not as old as they look, in fact they are born in 95 or 96 making them 14 and 15-year-old girls. However, here is what sets them apart from other groups; they are under the watchful eye and guidance of Exile leader Hiro and his LDH Company. LDH by the way stands for "Love, Dream, and Happiness" representing three female units. Happiness by the way are signed to Universal J, the same label as the newest H!P soloist Kikkawa Yuu .

Happiness is made up of the following members ,who only go by one name : Sayaka ,Mimu , Mayu, Yurino , Kaede , Karen ,Miyuu .

“Kiss Me” which was released on February 9 ,will mark a new journey for this somewhat new unit who recently served as backup dancers for Exile on their recent tour.

“Kiss Me” and Happiness is well worth taking the time to watch.

The PV:
The Live:

Showing off their TALENT!
A little Talk

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Posted 2/23/11
the song is cool, i have already listened to it a few days ago :)
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Posted 3/7/11
wait, so this girl group's name is Happiness? and the song's Kiss Me? i think the song's nice and simple. i like. :D
but judging by the comments from youtube, i guess this group's gonna have some haters too :\
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Posted 3/7/11
Finally....a more hip type Japanese girl group.
Posted 3/8/11
I like them
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