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Posted 2/21/11 , edited 2/22/11

Plot : Reika Kiyomizu has enter her first year in high school with her best friend, Hikaru Sasaki. The morning of her first day, she heared some news on 10 people missing ! Thats not the only weird thing, something been up with Hikaru lately. And a strange new kid has enter in their high school, Ryu Mori. He has his eyes on Reika for some reason. One day when she was walking home, she bump into Ryu. Ryu was holding a strange glowing rose. Next thing Reika knew, there was an explosion and overhears Ryu saying "It didnt work" which left Reika some thought about it. Will she figure out whats up with Ryu and Hikaru. What is going on with the strange news on the missing people ?
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Chapter 1

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