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Posted 2/25/11
I just want to start by saying I don't like seeing creativity stifled, but at the same time, I believe some things just don't need to be created.

If this bill simply lowers the amount of sexuality in mainstream anime, then I'm fine with that. There are so many shows and stories that I'd love to share with my friends/family, except that they have several explicit scenes that more or less ruin the experience. Yosuga no Sora is one such example, where the small-town romance stories, animation, and music were great on their own. But still, the creators chose to include a ton of under-age sex and nudity. The adult content didn't even add to the story in any meaningful way, in almost every case it cut back to reality and revealed the main character was just spacing out about a girl. Games like F/SN, or even the upcoming Katawa Shoujo would still be great stories without the sexual content.

If anything, I wish that this was a movement that started from the ground-up (as opposed to legislation), so that we'd know it's what the creators wanted. Even if something is a result one desires, the way it happens is still important to consider. An open-ended law that might threaten free speech later on is always something to be wary of.
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Posted 2/25/11 , edited 2/25/11
here is the thing though due to the net we are able to watch what ever is now in japan regardless of doing it legal or not so we tend to see things that we are not meant to see. I will level with you and say that kiss x sis should have just been porn and qwaser didn't need the sexual content to be a good series it had some other things going good for it. Animes like to love ru or a manga kodomo no jikan I do happen to like though, even though knj is a TOUCHY issue, if anyone has been keeping up with the manga like I have they are in the 6th grade now and are going to graduate soon, which is something really rare for a manga to do. I do know what you mean though and to be honest i don't think it's going to change anytime soon. On sora well it's to be expected given the source material because it was based on a hentai visual novel although they usally cut out the sex scenes for air anime which even surprised me but hey they are just fictional characters/drawings after all.
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Posted 2/26/11 , edited 2/26/11
This thing covers BOTH anime AND manga.. This will be a MAJOR set-back to the artists and publishers, cause as you said ''sex sells'', but the money will ALSO be used to support all the great animes and mangas.. Thanks to the policy anime and manga has achived such height. Most of the financial problems have been dealt with thanks to the boobage and ecchi in anime .. And that is a small price to pay if that helps atleast a FEW great series come out.
You might not realize, but figurines, pillows, and ALL the anime RELATED merchandise brings a HUGE amount of money into the industry from Tokyo... And that will certainly be a amount near tens of millions of dollars , if I consider the whole anime related merchandise being sold there ( In a year.)..
This will probably affect a lot more then you might think...
If they would just ban the ''inappropriate'' animes from airing in daytime, and put away those ''inappropriate'' ecchi mangas from the usual shonen things that little kids come to buy, then that atleast wouldn't impact the industry that much, and would also fill the intention of getting lewd-ness away from kids ( Probably he just has a grudge against the anime industry.)..

P.S Never thought that a City Major can have that much power over what goes on in the city..

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Posted 2/26/11
I totally understand where you guys are coming from - you're 100% right that sex sells, and that it brings money into the industry. I have no problem with some ecchi or "risque" merchandise, like figurines, wall scrolls, or hell, body pillows. I've also seen some great fanart that has been downright HOT without being...
I also understand there will always be porn, so I won't contest its existence. It'd just be nice to see the porn stop trying to make its way mainstream, and to see other things stop trying to rake in every last dollar from over-the-top sexuality.

Yeah, though I hadn't heard of Sora before the anime came out, I kinda figured it had been an H-game. :P

By the way, thanks for being cool and not flaming, I guess. I was kinda worried I might have made a flamebait post
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