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[2012~ KDrama] Strangers 6
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Posted 2/26/11 , edited 3/10/12

* TV Show: Strangers 6
* Revised romanization: Seuteureinjeo 6
* Japanese:' ストレンジェーズ 6
* Director: Ryuhei Kitamura, Jin Ma
* Writer: Joji Iida
* Network: WOWOW, Fuji TV, MBC
* Episodes:TBA
* Release Date: January 27, 2012 -- (WOWOW)
* Runtime: Fridays 23:00
* Country: Japan, South Korea, China

The Korean-Chinese-Japanese collaborative drama series “Strangers 6″ is about a group of six experts from the police forces of Korea, China, and Japan who are secretly gathered to protect the countries’ economic futures.

“Strangers 6″ is set in the near future and centers around the fictional Chinese city of ‘Haiwan’, a huge economical hub without any national boundaries for companies from South Korea, Japan, and China. However, the city is doomed to collapse under a gigantic earthquake predicted to hit the city within the next three months. There’s a chance to prevent the disaster by installing a special device underneath the city, but this would require cutting-edge technology and an unimaginable sum of money from all three countries.

Believing that this is the only way to protect their economy, the countries are quick to agree on this joint-operation and hasten their efforts in order to complete the device as soon as possible. However, somebody is trying to interfere with the project and attempts to assassinate the people involved. In order to protect the project and to find out who is behind the assassination plot, the three countries form a top-secret group, ‘Strangers 6′, which is made up of their best experts and agents.

~ Filming was originally scheduled to begin in the spring 2011, but due to the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, filming is expected to begin July, 2011.
~ Actress Han Chae-Young was originally cast as main female character An Ji-Hye, but due to the delay in filming and re-scheduling conflicts she had to drop out of the series. In her place actress Kim Hyo-Jin takes over the role of An Ji-Hye.
~ Japanese guitarist & singer Tomoyasu Hotei sings the opening theme song & Korean boy band SHINee sings the ending theme song. Korean girl group KARA will also contribute songs to the OST.

* Toshiaki Karasawa - Satoru Gaito
* Oh Ji-Ho - Park Dae-Hyun
* Bowie Lam
* Masaya Kikawada - Genji Dachibana
* Kim Hyo-Jin - An Ji-Hye
* Xuan Liu
* Kazuki Kitamura - Mistuteru Ryu
* Misuzu Kanno - Eri Kaito
* Suzuka Morita - Mitsuki Kaito

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Posted 2/27/11
Oh Ji-ho cast for "Strangers 6" a Korean-Japanese-Chinese collab

Oh Ji-ho has been cast for the lead role of Korea, Japan and Chinese collaboration drama "Strangers 6".

A person in promotions says, "He is an agent in the National Intelligence Service and is the Korean representative Park Dae-hyeon in "Strangers 6"".

"Strangers 6" is a blockbuster drama about the things that will happen to the six representatives from the international agency that come together under orders.

Park Dae-hyeon is a character that has superior ability to accomplish his missions and the will power, as well as fancy martial art moves. He works together with the Japanese and Chinese agents as a Korean representative.

Oh Ji-ho showed strong enthusiasm saying, "I'm honored to be working with the best staff and actors from Korea, Japan and China. I'm hoping this project will turn out to be a great one as much as it means to the three representative countries. I will do my best for this drama".

This drama is a matter of issue for its best staff in the three countries and actors as well.

Main productions will be done by the Chinese, and Fuji TV, WOWOW, Index from Japan, W Media Contents, BMC Investment and HnB Pictures from Korea will be participating in business.

Meanwhile, "Strangers 6" is due this later half of the year through MBC. Its production report conference will be this coming March 3rd.

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Posted 2/28/11
Han Chae-Young joins Strangers 6

Han Chae-Young (Man Called God) has joined the cast of Strangers 6 alongside Oh Ji-Ho. So this time she will kick butts …This drama which will be aired by MBC is scheduled for 22 episodes.
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Posted 2/28/11
han chae young.....
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Posted 3/3/11
“Strangers 6″ – Press Conference

Japanese director Kitamura Ryuhei has said he has been a big fan of Korean actor Oh Ji-ho since seeing him in movie “La Belle.”

He made the remark at a press conference for the Korea, Japan, China co-produced MBC TV series “Strangers 6″ in Seoul when asked how it felt to meet Oh for the upcoming drama.

“I didn’t know it when I first met him but I realized that he was the male lead from the film ‘La Belle,’” Kitamura Ryuhei said. “I personally really like the movie so much that I watched it about twenty times.”

“That is why when I saw him, I laughed to myself after thinking, ‘Oh! It’s that person!’ I feel that we were destined to work together,” the director added.

Oh Ji-ho has been cast to play the role of Park Dae-hyun, an agent at the National Intelligence Service who has perfect martial arts skills in “Strangers 6″ alongside actress Han Chae-young who will take on the role of a cool-headed agent named Ahn Ji-hae.

Japanese actors Karasawa Toshiaki and Masaya Kikawada / Chinese actors Yu Song Yan and Zhang Peng Peng

Recently, Japanese actors Karasawa Toshiaki and Masaya Kikawada and Chinese actors Yu Song Yan and Zhang Peng Peng were cast as the international agents in the show.

“Strangers 6″ tells the story of six individuals from Korea, Japan and China assigned by the highest level authorities of their respective countries to protect the three countries’ joint economic area from being interfered by an organization.

The show will be overseen by China’s leading production company Beijing Hualu Baina Film&Tv Co., Ltd. while Japan’s FujiTV, WOWOW and Index and Korea’s W media Contents, BnC Entertainment and HnB Pictures will take part in creating the series.
Posted 3/5/11
Pfft. Oh Ji Ho got my hopes up when he said that he was honored to be working with the best actors from Korea, Japan and China.

I was expecting to see names like Kimura Takuya and Abe Hiroshi in the cast.

The actual cast is a bit underwhelming. I don't think I'll be watching. :/
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Posted 3/6/11
I love Oh Ji-ho & Han Chae-young!
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Posted 3/27/11

‘Strangers 6’ to go on undaunted'

Earthquake-driven plot of new multinational TV series to remain unchanged

No one could have predicted the massive earthquake that hit the coast of Japan on March 11, especially not the team and cast of the forthcoming quake-centric drama, “Strangers 6.”

On March 3, just nine days before disaster struck, a press conference in Seoul unveiled the ambitious joint collaboration among Chinese, Japanese and South Korean production companies and stars.

The multinational plot would center on a huge earthquake predicted to hit Dalian, China within the next five years that could wipe out Asia. A project is set in motion to prevent the natural disaster from occurring and the help of a team of six special agents from South Korea, China and Japan is enlisted.

Two weeks after the devastating event left Japan reeling from shock and nearly a month after the highly publicized press conference, “Strangers 6” head producer Shinya Kawai and fellow producer Toshio Toyoda flew in Friday to meet with South Korean production partner W MEDIA CONTENTS and discuss what steps need to be taken next. Fellow production partner BMC Investment and main South Korean cast members Oh Ji-ho and Han Chae-young also attended the meeting, W MEDIA CONTENTS director Lee Kyeong-cheol said.

Considering the sensitive subject matter and plans to shoot part of the series in Ishikawa, Japan, there was ample reason for all those involved to review the situation, especially when Japanese screenings of Clint Eastwood’s tsunami-flick “Hereafter” and the release of “Aftershock” ― a film about the 1976 Tangshan, China, earthquake ― were halted and delayed, respectively, in light of the current crisis.

After the meeting, Lee revealed there would be no changes in the original plot or delays in filming, with production scheduled to start in early April in China, where more than 50 percent of the drama will be shot.

The decision about whether or not to film in Ishikawa will be made in the second or third week of April, Lee added.

A representative of Oh Ji-ho’s agency declined to comment on how news of the earthquake has affected “The Slave Hunters” star, only confirming that he “will definitely be starring in the drama” and that he signed onto “Strangers 6” because it represented a new challenge for him as both his first tri-national project and first time playing a special agent.

Co-star Han Chae-young, according to an agency representative, is currently learning Mandarin and attending action school in preparation for her upcoming role.

Both Han and Oh will be playing South Korean special agents who join a team stationed in Dalian, China, tasked with maintaining peace within Asia while efforts are made to prevent a major disaster through a crucial project.

“The Great White Tower” star Toshiaki Karasawa, Japanese actor Masaya Kikiwada, Chinese actress Zhang Peng Peng, and Chinese actor Yu Song Yan will be starring alongside Oh and “Boys Over Flowers” actress Han.

The 10 billion won ($9 million), 22-episode series is currently slated to air in October or November on MBC and will also air in Japan and China.

By Jean Oh ([email protected])

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Posted 3/29/11
interested already =]
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Posted 6/15/11 , edited 6/16/11
Cr: Twitter @Onbbong

스트레인저6 촬영장에서...
Zio on the set Stranger 6

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Posted 6/16/11 , edited 6/16/11
Strangers 6 shooting ~ Pullman Ambassador 7 Changwon City

Cr: http://blog.naver.com/pullmanhotel?Redirect=Log&logNo=80132580047
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Posted 6/17/11
More photos from Strangers 6

Oh Ji-ho taking a minute break
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Posted 6/27/11
Due to delay in filming and re-scheduling conflicts Han Chae-young has had to drop out of Strangers 6. In her place Kim Hyo-jin will take over the role of An Ji-Hye the main lead female character.
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Posted 6/30/11 , edited 6/30/11
Korea, China and Japan collaboration "Strangers 6" shoots in Korea

Drama "Strangers 6" which was talk of the issue as the collaboration of Korea, China and Japan, is proceeding smoothly in Korea.

Press released in March, "Strangers 6" is the story of 6 characters who fight with earthquakes that is main material in the drama.

This drama has been postponed due to the many circumstances involving the 9.0 size earthquake that hit Japan in March. With a firm plan and teamwork, the shoot has started in both Korea and Japan and going smoothly.

The productions said, "I hope this drama can deliver the message of hope and overcoming problems everyone has been through from the natural disaster. We work hard to make this drama something that not only Koreans, but everyone can understand and relate to, delivering energy and hope to the viewers".

Source : news.nate.com/view/20... ( Korean )

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Posted 7/1/11 , edited 7/1/11
Strangers 6 Press Conference 2011/07/01


Oh Ji-ho - Park Dae-Hyun

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