Any worth trying?
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Posted 2/27/11
HELLO, so to start this off, i'd like to just say im an active mmo gamer who just loves to play mmorpg's. For the most part, ive played ALOOOOOT of them, but i was wonder ing if there were any that were
Worth trying
Worth restarting
OR if someone would want me to play one with them^^.

MMO's im playing: Luna online... s4 league...pandora saga.

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Posted 2/27/11
Well, not knowing what you have played before, here are some of my suggestions from a former MMO addict:

1. Lord of the Rings Online (free to play now)
2. Champions Online (again, free to play now. check it out if you like superheros)
3. MegaTen
4. Jade Dynasty

Good luck
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