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How do those people make money on YouTube
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Posted 2/28/11
Try doing something good enough to make a big company (ex: Coca-Cola) want to use it as a commercial. Big companies like Coca-Cola has requested YouTube users to make a work for an advertisement after watching one or some of their video/s... I know of one case.
Also... not like I like him, Justin Bieber was discovered in YouTube. Now he has millions of fans as well as haters and millions of dollars in his pocket thanks to his mom (she was the one who uploaded the vids)
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Posted 2/28/11
How much do the top users make? I've always about wondered this.
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Posted 2/28/11 , edited 2/28/11

MelodieLenora wrote:

Youtube is kindof a silly way to make money unless it's your second "job" or you live with your parents or you're already rich. But it's a bit like getting into acting, it's a gamble and there's not that much chance that you'll get enough money to support yourself.

I also highly doubt the six figure thing, unless it's like one person. Most people probably earn very little from youtube, like a little extra spending money.

I'ma have to disagree with you there, Mel.
Do you have any idea how much some of them make? The top 5 youtubers:
250,000+ dollars a year. That's only counting one channel. Imagine if they had two, which most of them do.

Of course to be fair, some of that money goes to partners and such. But at the end, they're making a shitload of money just by talking to themselves infront of a computer screen.

Anyway, no personal threads allowed.

The most you're going to need is luck.
So good luck.

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