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KukaixUtau game o-o
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Posted 5/8/11
lol u writing longer!!
oh and when we go over board with the kiss thingy we do spoiler bars lol
and we call that lemon!! Do we do a lemon in the forest?

Kukai: I think we lost them!
Utau: Yep
Kukai: Soo....What should we do then?
Utau: Maybe just sit down and rest?
Kukai: Fine by me
Kutau sat down on the floor and Kukai started to get closer to Utau and made out with her (LOL)
Utau thinking: *hmmm I am starting to love Kukai! *
Utau deepens the kiss and enters her tongue into Kukai's mouth



Miki: Oh my gosh!! they are actually making out!!! :w00t: :w00t: *about to get crazy*
Yua: SSSHHH!! We can't let them see us! But omg!! We have to take a video or pic!!
Anne: I got the pictures ready
Stacey: I started to video tape them!
Miki: Yay!! We should have food with us.
Yua & Anne & Stacey was thinking about food
Miki: I got it all covered! *transform into Dream chef and made food with Lovely Food*
Miki: Taadaa!!
Stacey: I'll just get the stand thing for the video tape ready *makes it* done now lets eat peacefully!
The fangirls eat while Kutau is making out
We do lemon or not????
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Posted 5/9/11
I dunno...I think you're doing it already hahaha

Yua: This is really good! Arigatou Miki-chan!

Anne: yay yay yay!

Stacey: shhhh you two are ruining the sound effects! !

Yua: Oh okay shhh...

*Trees waving*

Anne: Shhhhh!


Stacey, Miki and Yua:

Kutau: *stops lemoning hahahahaha*

Yua: They stopped!


Anne: grrrr *shouts at Kutau* HEYYYY DON'T STOP! WE'RE WATCHING! KEEP LEMONING!!! Yikes

Yua, Miki and Stacey: grrrrrrr *chasing Anne*

Anne: *running*

Kutau: *sneaks*



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Posted 5/12/11
oh wow utau chan~~~

Anne: It was a mistake!!
Miki: You couldn't have waited!!
Yua: Ya!! You couldn't waited
Miki: Thats what i said!
Stacey: They could've did it again!!

All of them kept on running

Kukai: Utau can you come to house?
Utau: Okay
utau-chan~~` We make it all lovey dovey in his house kk if its okay for u i can write it instead
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Posted 5/13/11
u write it two times >.<

All of them stopped running and faced to miki
Miki: i don't think we are fangirling that much!! WE LOST THEM!1
Anne: Oh no ~`
Yua: Let's think where they would go
all of them were thinking
Stacey: I know! Kukai's house!
Miki: How do you know?
Stacey: I heard them talking
Yua & Anne & Miki:
Stacey: what? I have that good hearing

Kukai: So what do we do Utau
Utau: I d-don't know
Kukai: Maybe we watch some tv
Utau: whatever
here comes the spoiler bars LOL well not yet lol
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Posted 5/19/11
Who's gonna do the spoiler bars? not me! I don't like doing those things....anywayyzzzz going back to the story, I'll do something new :D


(Utau's POV)

I'm watching gag show with Kukai, sometimes he put such a big grin in his face.....It annoys me a lot anywayzzz I wonder what happened with the our fans?? Why do they need to spy us

(Back the Yua, Miki, Stacey, Anne)

Yua: ....Sooo what now??

Miki: I don't know

Anne: Stalk them again?

Yua: I'm tired!! *acting like a baby* *sat on the ground*

Stacey: I wanna go to a zoo...

Yua: the zoo?

Miki: .....

Yua: What do you urgently need??

Anne: Bagpipes!

Yua Miki Stacey:

Anne: Sorry I wasn't listening

Yua: .......Fine stalk them! I wont come...*walking home*

Miki: I won't come too... *walks home*

(Donee! I have to go somewhere I'm gonna post again latahh! )
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Posted 5/25/11
I'm not gonna do lemons... anywayzzz

Yua: Ahhhh fine! I'm coming!

Ann, Stacey: YAY!!!

Yua: Miki-chan is coming too!!

Miki: I said...

Yua: *death stares* Y-o-u -h-a-v-e- t-o- c-o-m-e

Miki: Fine, I'll come!

Yua: yay!! *hugs*


Stacey: soo.....wait! I'll buy snacks! to enjoy ourselves with spying them

*Done with the buying snacks thingy so they went to Kukai's house*

Anne: We're here!!

Yua: *covers Annes mouth* Shhh they'll here us!

Miki: OMG they're doing the Kutau moments!!


Anne: Why?

Yua: *looks away* I'm just not used to it...

Anne: used to what?

Yua: ahhh....betsuni...


DONE! Now your turn miki-chan
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Posted 5/29/11
eehh fine im not doing the leamon thingy because i don't know how!! gomenosi! lets just say that "omg! They are doing!" and all that stuffs LOL okay utau-chan??

Stacey: Shut up people!
All of them"
The fangirls walked to the perfect look window and stayed there watching them
Miki: wwaahhh Kawaii!
Anne: yep yep!!
Yua: *starts eating*

Kutau stopped *making out*
Kukai: Utau, let's take a break from this and go chill out with some of our friends
Utau: Okay but maybe the fangirls might follow us!
Kukai: Hmm that is right maybe we should disguise our selves!
Utau: Okay!
Kukai dressed up as a dad and Utau dressed as a mom.
Utau: Do we have to do the dad and mom thing??
Kukai: Well thats the only thing i got
Utau: Oh well it doesn't matter let's just leave already!

Kutau left the house without noticing the fangirls watching them.

Miki: Let's go stalk them!!!
The fangirls dressed up as bushes to mix in with the trees and bushes.
All of them quietly follows Kutau

Kukai: Don't you feel like someone is following us?
Utau: Hmm maybe we go to a park and mix with the other people and make the fangirls confused!
Kukai: Nice job!

Kutau ran to the park and the fangirls ran after them quietly
okay utau-chan?
Posted 6/13/11
(No-body minds me joining in do they?)

Yaya: Kukai? Utau-chan? What are you doing here?
Utau: Damn it, shut up kid.
Kukai: Sorry Yaya, we're being followed
Kukai: Aah dammit Yaya! Fine, come with us.
Yaya: YAY! But only if my friend Aika-chi can come.
Pepe: Yeah dechu! Aika-chi and Kina-chi and Kira-chi and Karu-chi. (the last 3 are Aika's charas)
Kutau: YAYA!!!!!!!!!
Aika: Erm...Yaya, maybe we should just...
Aika: Er...Yaya! Candy!
Yaya: Where?
Aika: (To Kukai and Utau) Im sorry guys...Im her baby sitter Aika and these are my charas Kina, Kira and Karu.
Utau: How old are you?
Aika: 14
Utau: ha, older than this kid
Kukai: hey! Just coz your older...
Utau: Aika is too.
(LOL they have forgotten Miki and the others)

Miki: There they are!
Yua: I think they're talking to Yaya-chan!
All: Who?
Yua: I'm also a YayaxKairi fan! WOOT WOOT!! If only Kairi was here...

Kairi: Hoshina-san, my sister sent me to start your recording
Yaya: KAIRI!!!! *hugs* Kairi how are you! Yay come play with us!
Utau: Oh yeah, we were running away fro those girls *sees them*
Kukai: Shoot
Kukai and Utau: *runs*
Yaya: *Grabs Aika's hand, who grabs Kairi's and follows them*

Yua: Wow...both my dream couples coming together
Miki: Quickly, they're getting away!!
All: Yeah, lets go stalk some peoples!!!!!
Randoms around them: ........
Posted 6/13/11
Kukai: *runs* *looks back at Utau* "Can you keep up?"
Utau: "Of course!" *out of breath*
Kukai: *looks around* "Where could we stop?"
Utau: "I told you, I'm fine!"
Kukai: "But I'm not listening to you." *grabs Utau's hand* *dives into bushes*
Utau: "What the heck?"
Kukai: *clamps hand over her mouth and holds her close* "Shh! They're coming!"
Utau: 0///////0
??: *behind them* "Who's coming?" *eats popcorn and slurps drink*
Kukai and Utau: "Who the heck are you?"
??: "Someone who's blackmailing you. Pay me or I'll tell them that you're here."
Utau: *Wrestles out from Kukai's grip* "No way!"
??: *evil smile* "Oh really?" *leans out from bushes* "Hey fangirls! OVER HERE!" *whistles*
????? and ???????: "Em! You aren't doing it right!"
Em: *turns to look at them* "Really? What did I do wrong?"
?????: "You should have tied them up first!"
Em: "Oh well." *waves around bell* "HEY FANGIRLS! COME AND GET EM!"
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Posted 6/13/11
its okay for all of you guys to come in and join!! ^^ but not to many fangirls! the limit is 8 ^^

Miki: Oh look there they are!
Stacey: And theres other two people there too!
Yua: I wonder who it is
Anne: Maybe other fangirls?

The fangirls were running to the bushes

Yaya: KAIRI!! AIKA-CHAN!! Hurry hurry!! i want to see wat ish happening!
Aika: Okay okay yaya! We will be there
Kairi: Why did i ever come here in the first place =.=

Utau: Oh shit.....we got caught o-o
Kukai: Oh you two are so evil!
????: Thank you!!
Em: Wat she/he said *is the other person a girl or a boy o-o*

Em and ???? ties up Kutau with rope

Utau: Where did you get that rope?!?!?
Em: Somewhere
I will be posting all of the people's name so nobody will forget them ^^ or left out
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Posted 6/13/11
(The characters are

Fangirls- Miki, Stacey, Anne, Yua,

Other people- Kukai, Utau, Aika, Yaya, Kairi

Unknown people- Em and ???? )
Posted 6/13/11
(Em's my only fangirl. ????? and ??????? are Em's charas. Both are female.)
Kukai: "What are you going to do to us?"
Em: "Shuun? Setsuko? What should we do?"(the chara who tied them up is Shuun. The other one is Setsuko.)
Utau: "Let me go!"
Kukai: "What about me?"
Utau: "You're a kid, so I have untie you."
Kukai: "Not that again! Time for your punishment." *puckers up*
Shuun: "I was going to say blackmail, but this is better."
Setsuko: "I was gonna say put them on other sides of the city and see what happens.... but maybe we should just watch."
Yaya: "Look! Look! They're about to kiss!"

Posted 6/13/11
Yaya: YAY!! Kissy kissy!
Utau: Yaya!
Yaya: Well, love-lives are boring now. Amu-chi and Tadase have backed off a little.
Pepe: Yeah dechu!
Kukai: case you guys haven't realised, we're tied up and a bunch of crazy fangirls are coming after us!
Yaya, Aika and Kairi: Fangirls?
Utau: Never mind, just get us out of here!
Aika: Right, sorry. *tries to untie Kutau* Can you help me Yaya?
Yaya: Sure! Yaya and Pepe-chan are the Ultimate rope untiers!
*10 seconds later*
Yaya: Waah this ropes are too tight!! *throws tantrum*
Kutau: YAYA!!!
Kairi: Allow me... *slices ropes with Samurai sword*
Kutau: Thanks, now lets run!
Emm: they're getting away! Shuun do something!
Shuun: *ties up Yaya and Kairi together* There! Now we have hostages!
Kukai: These people are crazy!!!
Utau: Just keep running, they'll be ok, the fangirls won't hurt them or anything...
Aika: Er...guys? I'm gunna go rescue Yaya my heart unlock! Charanari Honey bee!
*runs back to Yaya and Kairi*
Yaya: Aika-chi! I don't like this...
Aika: Flowering honey!
Posted 6/13/11
(i don't know what "flowering honey" does, so I can't respond to it.)
Em: "how rude!"
Setsuko: "Yeah, she's beyond crazy!"
Em: "No! I meant I'm against violence!"
Shuun: "Baka! They'll get away!"
(right before the flowering honey)
Em: "I'm bored with this game." *unties Yaya and Kairi*
Kairi: "Why'd you let us go? You could have held ransom or tortured us!"
Shuun: *hits kairi with a leek*
Kairi: "What was that for?"
Em: "You talk too much!"

Kutau: *run*
Posted 6/15/11
Yaya: YAYA WANTS CANDY!!!! Huh? Where's Aika-chi?
Aika: here...
Yaya: Oh yeah, Kukai and Utau. WAIT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *runs after them, pulling Aika along behind her*
Kairi: Oh...I guess Utau won't be doing her recording today...
*pictures his sister yelling at him* Sigh...*runs after Yaya and Aika*

Miki: Damnit they're gone...
(sorry for shortness, have 2 go 2 bed :P)
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