What happened to BOST?
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Posted 3/5/11
I was searching for other sites like crunchyroll and i came across the name of a site that was suppose to be run by a Japanese company called BOST digital entertainment but when i go to the links i find (www.bosttv.com) it is not there. I also can't find much news about it and my curiosity is just killing me now. I realize its probably not active anymore but I really want to know what happened since i can't seem to find the answer. I just watch anime so i don't know much about the industry but maybe one of you can fill me in?
Posted 3/5/11 , edited 3/5/11
Yep I guess they stopped it. Sorry about that I could only find their YouTube channel, but they only have like, two thirty-second long videos...
Maybe someone who used it before they cut it can tell ya...

(Their YouTube youtube.com/user/BOSTTV


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Posted 3/6/11
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Posted 3/6/11

Silly slowdanse, you gave me false hopes about getting the honour of locking this thread.
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