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© icyl0ve although she hasn't been on in forever.

.Alice in Wonderland.
" Let's say you are an Alice in Wonderland .
And there are many Alices in this Wonderland .
Surprise , surprise .
Climb up to the top rank of the Alices ,
and get acquainted with the Chesire Cat , White Rabbit ,
Queen and King of Hearts , Mad Hatter ,
and all the other occupants in Wonderland ! "

When in Wonderland , do as the Alices do. { this isn't suppose to make sense , so sharp . }
Upon entering Wonderland , you are automatically an Alice . Guy or girl , doesn't matter .
Be polite at all times to the King and Queen of Hearts or you know the drill . " Off with your heads ! "
If you ' die ' , your status is immediately reverted to a level 1 Alice.
Only non - Alices higher-ups are allowed to raise classes , with reason . Doesn ' t have to be a sensible one .
You may claim to be a non - Alice , and choose your status . Only original AIW positions please , like Mad Hatter .
No more original AIW positions , then you have to stick being an Alice . Unless you can prove your better .
Until then , I will do the Queen of Hearts in bold letters .
No high - tech gadgets , like bombs , computers , and such .
Alices are allowed to do anything . Own a inn and meet fellow Alices . Love another Alice . Anything .

Positions Available = √ Positions Not Available = ✘

What does it mean to be an Alice? " Read "

The way of speaking. " Important "

● It is fantasy but - back then. No computers, cell phones, TV's, and such.

● You may have powers.

● You can't control other's actions. Only your own.

● You must have a signature. You must know the layout. And you must have a character.

● No 'godly' or 'invincible' characters. We promise you your characters will not die unless requested too.

● You may have more than one character in RPG. As long as you keep them both // all active.

● No mouthy words beside "damn" alright. If you break, reply will be deleted and you will be banned from this RPG.

[ Resourses ]

Character sign up here
RPG layout here
Signature request here
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