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F / Neverland
Posted 3/7/11
Seeing as how this is a new group and I'm gonna need some fresh ideas and outputs, I need help~ So if you would like to be a mod, there are several requirements. You must be active. VERY active. Must practically be on like 24/7.....scratch that 28/7 O_O Don't know how that's possible but.....anyway.....You must be very active. Of course, you must love, I mean LIVE for vocaloid. XD As a test, you must tell me the top 5 most famous vocaloid songs. Or most well known, now that can be a variety of things so this test will be based by me~ Of course, I need someone who can help me greatly, make avii, banners and such. It's a lot of work for one person. Though I also need people who can help me make forums, games, and such. So those are what I was looking for. Here's the application you need to fill out:

Name (Username):
How active are you?:
Can you make banners?: not a problem if you can't
Top Five Vocaloid Songs:
Do you have any good ideas for this group?: examples

I hope to find some mods~
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F / Ri-World
Posted 1/28/13
Name (Username): sky-4-ri
How active are you?: Quite active. I'm on every other day.
Can you make banners?: I can, as long as I know what picture to use....
Top Five Vocaloid Songs: The Wolf that fell in love with little red riding hood, romeo and cinderella, adolescence, green is the enemy, i like you i love you (by rin, len- and neru for green is the enemy)
Do you have any good ideas for this group?: Start a points system where we give out points to people after they do something- like, post a number of photos, be the _ post on _ forum and so on (I wanna give the points out! XD) Then when someone reaches the goal (say it's 100 points) they win a prize of some sort! ^_^ Usually an avii or something.......
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