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Posted 3/8/11
.All Classes.

Angel Academy - For the good
- You don 't have to be an actual -angel- to join .
Ex . You don 't have to be the race of an Angel . You could
be a human // reaper // god and be in the Angel Academy .

You must promise to be good in this academy at all times .
If you are bad , you will be booted out .

Demon Academy - For the bad
- You don 't have to be an actual -demon- to join .

You must swear to be bad in tthis academy at all times .
If you are good , you will be booted . Unless you aren 't
caught by the 'ruler' of the academy .

Human Academy - For the neutral
- You don 't have to be a -human- to join .

You must remember - let us not go that far .
I understand this is a good // bad Academy but
sometimes people get ahead of them ownselves
and wants to be the one . But remember
to obey and read the rules .

Exotic Academy - For the mixed
- You can be anything

Just as it says . You can be anything
behave like anything but you mustn 't
go that far . Alright ?
Proceed with the form .

Username :
Class :
Race :
Character name :

p.s. you don 't have to make a new character .
you can play as yourself really . this is like for yourselves .
its like a group . we basically just wanna know what you belong too .
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