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SasuNaru ?
Posted 12/11/11 , edited 12/11/11

I can just never picture Naruto an Uke, i have weird mental blocks about certain characters doing stuff and Naruto Uke just doesn't happen ahahaha
Posted 12/21/11 , edited 12/21/11
omg you should totally make them into a pairing i would love you if you did

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Posted 3/15/12 , edited 3/15/12
Let see...I'm totally fine about whoever will be the top (but my house fills with all the sasunaru doujinshis lol) Anyway I have been thinking now lately that maybe it is a time for Naruto to step up and being the Seme 'Cuz judging from the manga right now~so yeah...Seme Naruto maybe be more interesting(to me ), but I still loves sasunaru though! and last but not least Ima supporting this the extreme
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Posted 5/7/12 , edited 5/8/12
I loooooooooove SasuNaru. I even like...dare I say it... SasuItachi... Heheh. But yeah, SasuNaru is one of my favorite anime couples of all time.
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Posted 5/12/12 , edited 5/12/12

Yes, I love Sasuke and Naruto together! One of the best things to happen to manga and anime ever. But somewhere along the way Naruto did become reversible. In Naruto I viewed them as Sasuke x Naruto, then in Shippuden they turned into Naruto x Sasuke. Naruto's the one chasing anyway and Sasuke's doing the bitchy princess shrinking violet thing, not that I want to give in to stereotypes, but yeah, I think we can imagine them in their roles.

Yes, dare away! I like Itachi x Sasuke . It's more difficult to think of Sasuke as reversible, but I do see Naruto as uke for Itachi and Sai.

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Posted 9/25/12 , edited 9/25/12
I am actually writing a SasuNaru fanfic that's AU (High School/College) and deals with a lot of topics. I'm looking for some critiques, so I figured I'd reach out to boards of SasuNaru fans.

>I find it funny that chicks are the only one's that agree with this.

Btw, I'm actually a guy, and I love SasuNaru. They're my OTP!

NaruSasu instead of SasuNaru, but the cleanest pic I have of them XD
Posted 9/28/12 , edited 9/28/12
SasuNaru is absolutely one of my all time favorite fan yaoi pairings.

I seriously dislike NaruSasu though >_>
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Posted 10/17/12 , edited 10/17/12
I love SasuNaru and NaruSasu >w<

I'm writing my own fanfic about them. Here it is, It's not finished yet but it will be soon :3

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