GoSick both seasons
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Ep1-3: Gosick
Ep4-5: Gosicks: The Reaper Comes in the Spring
Ep6-8: Gosick II: The Crime is Nowhere
Ep9-10: Gosick III: Beneath the Blue Rose
Ep11: First Love (from Gosicks II: Summer from the Disappearing Train)
Ep12: Pony Puzzle (from Gosicks II: Summer from the Disappearing Train)
Ep13-15: Gosick IV: A Fool Represents the Case
Ep16-17: Gosick V: Beelzebub's Skull
Ep18: Gosick VI: Night of the Masquerade
Ep19: Chastity ~Tale of the White Rose~ (from Gosicks III: Memories of an Autumn Flower)
Ep20-24: Material currently being serialized
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Sorry, we already have a Gosick discussion thread.


You should post that information in the thread.
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^ As stated.

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