Moments in anime that make it really good
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Posted 3/12/11 , edited 3/12/11
I would really appreciate any replies, as it will help me a lot, consider it almost like a poll, except a bit more personal.

Here's the thing. My mother is an author, somehow, I inherited her hobby aswell, and in half a year I will write my own. I have won several awards in amateur novelwriting in small competitions held by newspapers and such. But in a few months, as I enter my third grade in what equals high school in Sweden, we have 100 hours of lessontime to spend on some sort of project. I find my inspiration in japanese manga/anime, hence my passion for Japan. The book is going to be a fantasy/romance with a tad action.

Question: I was wondering, dear Crunchyrollers (or whatever the users are called here :D) what moments in a anime, book, manga, WHATEVER, really seals the deal, if you know what I mean. What aspects, moments, really makes you go "this is awesome!"?
What kind of traits do you like in a character?
Do you prefer the main character to be female or male? Or do you prefer that there are two, each getting their share of the spotlight?

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