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Post Reply Forest
Posted 3/29/11

yeap. i never rlly had i home i sued to live with sen-kun were were childhood freinds
Posted 3/29/11 , edited 3/29/11

*Gets quiet all of a sudden*
Posted 3/29/11

*looksa t u*
heyy jazmine-chan u asllep?
Posted 3/29/11

"Not yet...i just think it's cool that you were friends with sen-kun. I hardly even saw people my age where i grew up...."
We sit in silence for a while...
"But enough sad talk! Let's do something fun while senkou's in the shower!...How about a prank?!"
*jumps up and down on the bed*
Posted 3/29/11

*thinks about it*
yeah *jumps up and down to*
ohh how bout we steal his clothes?
Posted 3/29/11

*taps you on the head*
"great minds think alike." * mischievous grin*
*scurries to the bathroom door, cracks it, letting steam into the room, then comes back out with clothes in arms*
"SUCCESS!" I say in triumph.
"Hey riza-chan..."
you turn around and i through a pair of boxers at your face. I fall on the bed laughing.
Posted 3/29/11

*runs around*
*hits self*
*throws under at ur face*
hahah whered shoudl we put this??
Posted 3/29/11

* Blushes and throughs the boxers off face, like they're contaminated* They land on the candy table.
"AAAAAAAAAAAAAH Save the candy!!!!" *snatches the boxers from a bowl of skittles and kicks them under the bed*
"!" I pant.
Posted 3/29/11

kyaa the candy oh no
*lays down adn slleps*
sllep too! jasmine*
(gtg swwy)
Posted 3/29/11

( I should probably get off too ^_^ ttyl !!)
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Posted 3/30/11

- pokes head out of bathroom-
-whispers- can't believe they stole my clothes
-runs into room covers "areas"-
Ahhhh safe
Posted 3/30/11

*is in the living room eating a samich adn sees u*
hahaha looki jazmine-chan!!
Posted 3/30/11

*pokes jazmine*
hey wakieee
Posted 3/30/11

*Jolts upward*
"What?! Bubblegum monster?! WHERE?!...."
*Sees sen and blushes a bright shade of red*
"U-um, is it morning yet?" i say quickly, looking away.
Posted 3/30/11

im pretty sure
u wann make breakfast?
*sits on couch lazily*
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