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chacter name:
alchemist yes or no?:
in the miltary? what postion:

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chacter name: mina rockbell
alchemist yes or no?: yes
parents: winry rockbell
in the miltary? what postion: yes, full metal alchemsit
bio: mina orckbell is so times short tempered and hates being called short... she loves to help evryone she also a great mechanic altho she an alchemist. her mom died when she was 6. her death respon is unknown..
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25 / F / A very very FAR a...
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Chacter name: Ashley Miyozaki
Age: 21
Alchemist: Yes, known as the Ice bullet alchemist
Parents: none (But considers mustang as a dad/brother)
In the miltary,postion: Yes, she is a state alchemist as well as a Lt. Col.
She became an alchemist at the age of 15, When ever she goes on missions for the state she always takes two pistols and a sniper, when she shoots someone their bodies freeze (she uses alchemy on her bullets)


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Chacter name: Keith Zereth (Kisa Zereth)
Age: 19
Alchemist yes or no?: Yes, known as the Lightning Blade Alchemist
Parents: Ken Zereth(father, alive), Julia Zereth(mother, dead)
in the miltary? what postion: Yes, alchemist, Lieutenant.
Bio: Keith is acturally a girl, but disguse as a boy. When she was little she was an orphan, nearly died. She had a little brother called Keith, that's why she named herself Keith instead of Kisa. After some time she got adopted by a man and his wife. The man didn't want her at first because she was a girl. He let her become their child only if she hide her identety and disgused as a boy. In order to live on, she agreed to that. She has been traning to act like a boy from she was adopted. She use a boy voice and do other boy stuff. Her adopt mother died when she was 13 years old. Her father got heartbroken and started to act stricter towards her. He trained her, and she became an alchemist, also a lieutenant. She use 1-2 swords to fight with, when she slice an enemy, lightning go trough the enemy. She can control how much lightning she will use on the person, if she want, she can kill in matter of small seconds. Her adopt father have made her look pritty much like a boy. She does almost never look like a girl, but it happends. As for hiding her chest she use a bandage-looking thing.
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27 / M / Camping, you'll n...
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Character name: Colt Mustang
Age: 16
Alchemist: He is known as the Death Guard Alchemist
Parents: Roy Mustang
Position: Brigadier General

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chacter name: Miharu Hughes
age: 18
alchemist yes or no?: Yes, she's known as the "Flamer Alchemist"
parents: Elicia Hughes and ???
in the miltary? what postion: Yes, her position is a Major
bio: Although her father is not known, Miharu Hughes has had a fairly good life. She's often recongnized by her last name, and in honor of her grandfather who was apparently killed while her mother was just a child. Miharu shares similar qualities of Maes Hughes which can often shock someone. She may act witty, and unskilled, but really she's a strong Alchemist and commited Major for the military. Miharu is also really close to Roy Mustang and everyone else. And it's said she resembles her grandfather in ways more than one. She's known as the "Flame Alchemist" due to her habit of burning her enimies and often leaving signs of servere burn markings on them, and sometimes it causes destruction to close structures. It's unknown why she chose to dye her hair suck a sickly color of green. And, she hopes to find her grandfathers killer, to someway, possibly make her mother feel better about what had happened. She's on a very good basis with Mustangs family, and their very close.

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22 / F / Portugal
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Character name: Claire V.
Age: 15
Alchemist yes or no?: yes
Parents: ???
In the military? what position: no (she's a stranger/outsider)
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(I'm new to this so bare with me >.<)
Character name: Miranda Havoc
Alchemist yes or no?: Yes
In the military? What position?: No (She likes sneaking about while her dad's working and snooping through things she's not suppose to be.)
Parents: Jean Havoc
After her mother left, her fathers' job suffered. He found it harder to continue as 2nd lieutenant as everyday passed, that is, until Andy asked to come to work with him at the age of 8. Ever sense, Andy's been accompanying her father at work, secretly helping him with his paperwork and other stuff her father is to lazy to do. She sneaks around central through secret passageways only the higher ups are suppose to know. She hopes to become Fuhrur one day. She's easy-going, random and loves it when women are the ones in the big seat. She dislikes it when people talk about alchemy for she is not the best alchemist and struggles with it, though she practices everyday. She can be short-tempered sometimes.
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character name: C h r o m e.

age: 16

alchemist yes or no?: Yes.

parents: Unknown

in the miltary? what postion: Shes occosiated with them but not actually with them.

bio: Editing??

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