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Posted 3/13/11 , edited 3/13/11
Hey Everyone ...
Here We Come To The Fav Game To Most Of Us ...

The Main Thread Is On Here:

Make Your Own Character So You Can Play ...
Let's Begin With Mine ...

Name: Kikuko Hisamats

Age: Unknown

Class: A-3

Personality: Calm Till Someone/Something Teases Me , Like To Be Alone , Don't Talk A Lot , Hate Humans , Trust In Nobody - What In My Heart Is On My Mind - Gets Shy If Any Boy Gets Too Closer Than Me XD

Gender: Zombie !

Special Power: Sense Risk - Control Things/Humans Movements - Transfer From Place To Another Within Moments - Freeze The Time ...

Afraid Of: Losing My Memories Again !

My Story: My Parents Was Killed By An Enigmatic Accident , So I Grew Up Alone And Then I Affiliated To This Academy So I Could Find Out What Happened To My Parents And Avenge ! ..

Color Using To Write In The Game (Images): Blue


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Posted 3/13/11 , edited 3/13/11
Name: GreenHorn

Age: 22

Class: B-1

Personality: Level headed, Don't like to rush into things, becomes very playful when worked up, doesn't really care what others think, always looks out for the people he cares for

Gender: Male

Special Power: Really good at reading people, can work up a plan on the spot, Good with his words, never losses his cool

Afraid Of: His past...

His Story: Was made to come to this Academy by family...the rest of the story is unknown

Color Using To Write In The Game (Images): Green

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M / Namimori Middle S...
Posted 3/14/11 , edited 3/14/11
Name: Shiki Togeru, Akira Memoru

Age: 27, 21

Class: A-1, C-1

Personality: Shiki Calm, self centered, strong willed, protective, strong
Akira hyper, active, strong willed, less protective

Gender: Male, Male

Special Power: Shiki: Wields a sword, Black magic, Uses chains to tie up, Fast reflexes.
Akira: Fast reflexes, white and black magic, Specializes in combat

Afraid Of: Shiki: Being away from Akira
Akira: Leaving Shiki

My Story:
Shiki: A swordsman who only protects one person, Akira. Even then, He has no interest in others, and may betray akira sometimes, but he has a kind heart once you get close to him.
Akira: He is strong willed and only cares for Shiki. Even though he "hates" him he still has a softspot for him. Even then, Shiki was the one to save him.
Both: They both found each other when they had a feeling they missed someone. Akira was raised in a violent but cheerful family from a poor village. Shiki's past is still unknown.

Color Using To Write In The Game (Images): Black or Gray.

Appearance: (Shiki black hair/leather, Akira no lether)
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25 / F / Hama
Posted 3/14/11
ill post here soon
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Posted 3/22/11
Name: Rathe
Age: 18
Class: A-2

Personality: he's a loner most of the time but some people can earn his trust, to those who do he can be protective, kind, and at times hyper

Gender: male

Special Power: can control his bone density and mass, as well as those of the dead or skeletons

Afraid Of: humanity

My Story: moved from his parents house, to live on his own and has lived a uneventful life so far
Color Using To Write In The Game (Images): red
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Posted 3/23/11
Name: Alice
Age: unknown (looks like a child)
Class: A-3
Personality: rotten to the core, sadistic, seems innocent enough though, talks about herself in the 3rd person
Gender: Female
Special Power: Steal
Afraid Of: the shadows
My Story:
[Is it ok if I fill this in later??]
Color Using To Write In The Game (Images): Deeppink or purple [depends on mood]
Posted 3/28/11 , edited 3/28/11
Name:okasaki jin

Age: Unknown

Class: A-3

Personality: dont trust nobody most of the time keep himself unknown have almost fall complete in the dark but something hold him to be complete

Gender: male/ghoul

Special Power:healing very fast speed strenght as a vampire yet i have discover no weekness

Afraid Of: trusting people and his inner side

My Story 20 have pass since a murder a vampire get in the house and kill every single one of my family at the time i didnt know if get mad or sad since i always was pushing away by them so when the vampire try to kill me ask me are u scare and i answer im not and stab the vampire before he die i was able to get the blood of a vampire i put it on me but didnt change into one i can walk to the light and nothing happens i feed out of dead people i seek and eat what i wan in the prosses of not let myself known as a ghoul i have to cover one of my eyes or else when humans see me they freak out caz they dont just my eye they see the way im gonna kill them and eat them

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Posted 4/4/11

Name: Sai Ruka.

Age: 15

Class: D-4

Personality: Calm and Collective she doesnt like to be around people much.

Gender: Female

Special Power: Unknown.

Afraid Of: Being Left alone againl

My Story: ...

Color Using To Write In The Game (Images): Red

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23 / F / Leaf village
Posted 6/10/11 , edited 6/10/11
Name: Illus Kyoya

Class: A1

Personality: Hate things/people that don't belong to me; loves anime XD, hates conformists and judgmental people, completely tactless when conversing with people, hates being unoccupied, craze-reading, shopping, music, anime!

Special Power: telekinesis, telepathy

My story: I killed my best friend b/c she was having an affair with my father. i never went to juvie b/c everyone was convinced i was __ in the head when i showed them my powers and sent me to rehab. people there were convinced i made them hear strange sounds and saner people claimed they heard demons call out to them. the chief matron who looked after the most dangerous ones, including me, died mysteriously in her own office and my crazy roomie fell of the cliff. i never denied doing any of that stuff, but before i could be sentenced in jail for life, i ran and ended up here.

Name: Rin Junta

Class: A1

Personality: is that a rainbow?

My story: I had a happy life with two sisters to look up to, even if they looked down on me constantly, a loving father and a long-suffering mother. my family would've been a happy one in other circumstances, it would have been at least normal had i not been born. idk why, but my parents and my sisters and everyone i passed by every day had begun hating me. They never looked at me, and everyone carried charms to protect themselves if they knew I'd be around. one day they accused me of killing Reille, my best friend, who i knew since a long time had been having sex with Dad. i didn't want her to do it, but i didn't say anything. i felt it was wrong especially ever since i was accused of being a 'witch' as they called me, and she'd begun to distance herself from me.
Did i kill her?
I ran off to my grandmother, a shaman, who had had no connections to our family ever since Dad married Mom when they were both 17. She was scornful, so i hated her for it, but she told me interesting things-that I'd never be going to hell or heaven, i'd be stranded in Nothingness when i die, or if i die, which she said wouldn't be very strange seeing that i was a Sake-ishi. She'd only just smirk if i asked her what they meant. i was in her backyard picking the fence when they came looking for me. they saw me practicing telekinesis on the weeds that had sprung up.
They gasped and my parents explained i'd been doing that all my life, after about ten seconds the situation calmed down, about that time Grandma had come into the backyard and was shielding me from them . She was the only one in this world i could trust and i loved her for it, and something in me snapped as i had that realization - i couldn't be living for anybody in this world. not a single soul in flesh, except my own absolution - it lasted for a moment, a tinniest fraction of a second, and in that split, i killed my beloved grandmother.
That was when i new I really had killed Reille.
That was when i knew I wasn't just me anymore.

color? i'm color blind.


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