Sakura Ch.1: That Man
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Every night, it's like silence died and hell approached. The man, my neighbor, he was always sobbing. His sobbing echoed through every hallway that rings like a siren. Even now, he is weeping. Was he scarred by an ex? Was he lonely? Whatever it was, his weeping was distracting.
I managed to get a cheap apartment to live in by myself. With the things happening at home right now, it's just really absurd. Father is having an affair on mother; mother was so determined to get him back by her side, she forgot that I lived as a being. Father being arrogant and selfish moved out. Bit by bit, I was dragged into it. Yet, the two don't even know that. How was it possible for me to live under such conditions? Impossible. I worked hard for two years at the seafood shop down by the bay. I was able to collaborate my own investigation in profiting my own apartment here. I know that leaving mother behind was a selfish act of mine too, and that I was a hypocrite, but I just really needed to escape all of those famine. Mother, I am sorry, I should be by your side to support you, but you swallowed ignorance and bothersome of both our pities. You neglected your born.
While walking, a man and woman wearing noble black dress suits and dark shades stood outside of my neighbor's maple door. The female had a long hair tied to the corner of her right ear. Her skin was so bright-it was like a reborn flesh. Her heels looked like they were going to intervene onto the hard cement. That man, he looks tall and bluff. His hair is short too. The two look like they could be from the FBI. What are they doing here? Did my neighbor commit a crime?
"Get out here, you selfish royalty!" shout the lady. My, that lady sure has a big throat for such a petite structured head.
"Hey, your father's pride will be put to shame if you don't consider your brother's honor!" screeched the man. His voice sounds like a dolphin.
I am going to ignore this situation like how I try to ignore fats and sweets when I am on a minor diet. Off I go!
"Pardon us, young lady?!"
I turn back to see the lady calling out to me. I really wish I have the ability of ignoring people; something I lack is that.
"A-are you talking to me, ma'am?" I approached my way to her.
"Yes, you. Have you seen you neighbor come out before? Like, maybe doing strange things like..Chucky?"
"Ahaha, Chucky? Come on, ma'am, Chucky is just a doll made in America to freak little kids out."
"Are you poking fun at her?" The man's tone epically changed into a disastrous screech.
"No, I am speaking of truth only, sir."
"Oh, it's okay..Well, have you noticed anything strange about your neighbor?"
"No, ma'am. My neighbor is like the most 'silent' thing ever created in this horizon." I smiled at her with a sarcastic tone.
"Rest assured then. You have a safe trip to school."
"Thank you and I will." I responded quickly back at her.
Yeah, I know, my neighbor does random things at night. Take his weeping into consideration. Sincerely though, I didn't tell those two anything because that would have just been nosy in my part. I know my position of when to speak for someone or not to.
--->Higashiku High School
At times like this, I wonder how many people are born today. Are there around 1,000 people with the same birthday today? I know, I am random..
"And only if Ninomi-chan would state her chapter studies on page 214 for the rest of her comrades"
Hmm, maybe there is more than 1,000 born on this day...
"Ninomi-chan, Mr. Habayashi is calling you out; pay attention."
"Huh?" What was just said to me?
"Ninomi-chan, for an Honor student to be dazing in class during intersection is a bit too broad now, would it not?" Mr. Habayashi said to me in a disappointed voice. I am sorry.
"I am ashamed, Mr. Habayashi. Please forgive me." I bowed down for apologies.
This school that I attend is really strict. I have been here for three years now, I am used to the suffocation of dazing in class. Sometimes, I wonder how I still manage to pull myself together in the Advanced classes and still live up to being in the one of the tops of the class.
---> Outside of Higashiku High
The one calling me is my best friend, Kyoko. She and I have known each other ever since elementary. We have been with each other for so long now, sometimes, we don't even know how to start a conversation. Kyoko, she is a lolli. Her hair was so long, the tip of her hair would touch her butt cheeks. However, her hair is beautiful. I must say, I envy her straight hair. I have natural wavy hair. Everyday, I would have to get up in the morning to straighten my hair. Oh and her love life...she has no one to fall in love with but her obsessed band, Kindle.
"Mei-chan! Aren't you excited?"
"Excited for what?"
"How can you say that with such an ugly mask? It's Kindle's concert tonight!"
"Oh yeah, I forget!"
"Remember, I have the tickets. I'll come pick you up at your doorstep around 6 and then we can head to their concert!"
"Hey, don't you think the lead singer, Miura, in Kindle is hot? He is so fine! I love him~"
"Hm, he is super handsome and he does have the talent to sing, but I would much rather listen to Shouta's voice. I think that his voice has a deeper and darker tone to it. There's like an unsubscribed warmth to his voice. Not just that, his vocal control is more stabled."
"How could you say that now?!"
Little did I know, I bumped into a man with his pale hood over his shiny black hair. He had shades on too. His shoulder met mine as I turned around-
"Ah~ I am sorry! Are you harmed by any means?!" I desperately gave him my pity look.
All he did was glanced at me and then he turned around.
"Hey, doesn't that guy look like Miura, Mei-chan?"
"I don't know...I didn't look at him that well."
"He does look like Miura. They look alike!"
I shifted my body back to see the man again. There he was, paused at the moment with his head luring at my way. The man's shade fell a bit over to the tip of his perfect nose. I saw his eyes. In his eyes, he imprinted sorrow and rage of redness. It almost looked like the 'leave me alone' look. As I observed his red eyes, his eyes sent a sad smile at me and he walked away. Did he look like Miura? I forgot to compare.
-->Kindle concert
The stadium was set right into the center with the band's instruments lied on each area. Bright lights scattered all over the stadium with support group signs hanging around the chair walls.
"AAaaaahhhh! Kindle! Shouta! Miura-Miura- Miura!"
"Shh...Miura is going to talk."
"Eh..How can we, Kindle, give our fans the proper gratitude of appreciation and support?"
"I think that I know the correct solution..."
"AAaaaahhhh! We want Kindle!!"
Shouta- he is standing there at the edge of the stage with his bass guitar tied around him. He is such a radiant being. Come to love me, please?
"That's why.."
Miura smiled happily and voiced, "That is why we, Kindle, decided to sing to our supporters tonight our brand new song-"
-->End of concert. Road Bay
"Sakura" I sing with joy. "Sakura! When will you bloom? As if you are the only thing now who can help me convey my love for you. When Spring is near, I hope we blossom like your lust". While singing this, I noticed that there was a man in the water, but I ignored him. "Sakur-" However, I came to realize that he was looking straight at me. Did he see and hear me? I am blushing with humiliation!
"Um, excuse me, what are you doing down there in the water?" I ask him.
He looked at me and looked away again. Then, he turned back at me and said,
"I am looking for my ring, so you can go home now!" He yelled at me with his weird approach.
"Would you like some company?!" I blurted to his back.
He looked back at me and smiled.
"I would rather you go home right now. Thank you very much though!"
"Oh..okay then. I hope you find your ring!"
I walked away. Finally, common sense hit me. What was that man really doing at a time like this?! It's freaking dark out here and it's already 10:43 pm. How can he see a small jewelry at this time of day? Of stupid can I be?! He's going to commit suicide! This is the only chance for no one to see him! As I ran back to get him, all I could see was the root of his head. I glided into the water to help him! The water is so cold! Why did he choose such a cold bay?!
I got him. "Don't worry, I got you! You are safe!"
What a scary moment. He is still breathing-his pulse is still in rhythm. I am so glad. It's time for CPR.
-->Her home
Reaching for my house light, the illumination brightly lit up. I enter my home and got my fuuton ready for him to lay on.
"Ah, you sure are a heavy man. Eh?"
This man looks exactly like Miura except for his hairstyle. Am I just delusional at this point? Is this man really Miura? In that past time, he couldn't be in two places with different hair. This is not Miura. I am really curious now.
*2 hours later
"Ugh..hmm", moaned that man.
"Ah, are you okay? Can you hear me fine?"
His eyes opened; redness blurred around his eyes. Hey, it's the guy from earlier when I bumped into him, but that doesn't matter.
"No, I am not fine. You rescued me..why?" His eyes looked at me with a pale glance and tears slowly nascent from his eyes.
"I rescued you because you were going to die. Isn't that the whole purpose of someone committing suicide? They want the attention of another so they choose to show action by ending their life. Once they encounter that point, they wait for someone to rescue them. Isn't that the main point? That's why I decided to sa-"
"That's not what I had planned." His sorrowful eyes weeping at me with his dark hair covering his Miura-like face. "I wanted to really leave...I chose that place and specific time just so I could have left silently." He bent down to his knees and covered his face with his huge hands. "Why did you stop me?"
"By the water...the waves told me that it wasn't your time yet."
He looked up at me and just kept creeping at me.
"I honestly dislike you right now," he said that while grinning at the ground, "I really dislike what you did back there...saying all of these bull crap to me. Using all of these figure of speech at me; I am not superstitious, alright? And your house is dirty.."
"Hey! I need my independence too, so I find it pointless to clean my home! Still, I just didn't want to see people disappear or die."
"Yeah, you don't but they do." Looking down he said quietly, "that was the whole point in this suicide act."
"Um..but then you are okay now, right? And you do remember me from this afternoon, do you?"
"I am not alright because I am still alive and I do remember you-now I am just going to ignore the likes of you."
"Ah, okay. So then are you and Miura from Kindle related because you guys look alike!" I showed him a picture of Kindle's cover album.
Gazing and observing the picture, he grumbled, "Don't show me that kind of junk. I don't even know who those people are. I am not Miura and I dislike that name. Don't ever mention that name to me." His anger raged even more.
"So then how good of a name do you have that you think "Mi's" name is so ugly?" I asked him in an irrational way.
"Saku-" He said with hesitant.
"Saku? Your name is Saku?"
"Ra-" He whispered quietly and then began to spas, "It's an ugly name too."
"Sakura? Your name is Sakura? I think that is such a pretty name!"
"No, it isn't. It's only suitable for females." Sakura then, twitched his hand over his head and blushed. Hey, he is pretty funny and cute.
"Ahaha! I think it's a pretty name though. Your mo-"
"I don't have a mom! That word doesn't consist a true meaning to me anymore."
"Then your fathe-"
"I don't have a father either."
"Then where did you come from if you won't acknowledge any parent?! Mars?!"
"Don't kid around with me."
What a stubborn guy.
"I am sorry, okay?"
"Thanks for your 'service'. I'll be leaving now." Sakura got up and walked to the entrance.
"But it's really late right now and it's raining outside!" I followed after him trying to protect him again.
"You- you have done enough. Just simply leave me be. Didn't I tell you earlier that I don't want your help?!"
"Yes, you did! But it's late-"
"Are you comfortable being underneath the same roof with the opposite sex? How naive." He left with a dramatic exit slamming the door behind him and right in front of my forehead.
I feel bad not giving him an umbrella. I am going to chase after him for this tool although I know that I might never meet him again, but that's okay, I am helping him willingly.
I am outside of the apartment right now, but he isn't. Am I too late? He is gone. All that is left is the residue sound of the rain droplets. The pitched dark sky twinkling with fresh scent. I am going back inside. I open my door and I realized that my neighbor did not make any moping sound at all this whole time; that's strange indeed...was that neighbor a person who tried to commit suicide too? Those two men are probably dealing with the same issue.
To Be Continued...
Hope you guys and girls enjoyed it! Thank you all for reading if you did. Please feel free to give feedbacks or whatever! Chapter 2 may come out in two or three days. This is actually a manga that I made. :D

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