Moderators Wanted
Posted 3/14/11
If you would like to be a Mod please answer the following questions:
1. How often are you able to come on Crunchyroll?
2. Are you an active participator(do you answer in forums, upload pictures, ect)
3. Will you keep in touch with myself and the other two Mods of anything that needs to be done, or can be done to make the group better?
4. Do you invite other people to this group in order to expand it, and if so how often?

Please answer these questions and myself or one of the other two Mods will review it, thanks a lot everyone^^
Posted 3/14/11
am on all the time an i would love to help find pics and sent new things as well
Posted 3/14/11
How active will you be within the group Avi?
Posted 3/14/11
as active as i can be, heck i'lll even make a chat room trickly for salior moon member
Posted 3/14/11
Alright, you are officially a Mod. You need to stay in touch, with myself, kyomasters, and prabashi when you add something or have ideas.
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