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Prayer for Japan... can prayer be a BAD thing?
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Posted 4/9/11 , edited 4/10/11

MelodieLenora wrote:

1. What do you think of people who think like the girl in this video?

2. Do you think that prayer alone is helpful and/or 'enough'?

3. Does prayer relieve people of any obligations, or sense of obligation, to do something physical? (Like volunteer or donate money).

4. What about people who use prayer 'for the wrong reasons' ? Are there any wrong reasons to pray?

5. Do you pray? Do you believe in "the power of prayer"?

Answer any of these you want, or talk about something else related to the topic.
-- This question is mainly aimed at those who pray, regardless of religion or lack of, but those who do not pray should feel free to answer as well. I realize you don't have to believe in a deity or subscribe to a religion, in order to pray.

1: People like that... well they believe in heaven and hell, so I think they deep down know where they will end up. Such people bring shame to all who share their religion.

2: If can be helpful for the person praying, for the person they pray for it can be nice to know someone is thinking about them.

3: While it doesn´t relieve a person from obligations, it can bring them the feeling that they have done all they had to do... perhaps all they could do. However is praying is all someone can do, shouldn´t it be enough?

4: If you pray for something bad to happen to someone else, then you are praying for the wrong reason. Pray for justice if you have been wronged, but do not pray for revenge.

5: I did many years ago, but I do no more... personal reason. I do however believe people can find strenght in prayers, the beliefe that some deity are listening to them and watching over them can help some through though times.

All that said I´m an agnostiker.
Posted 4/9/11 , edited 4/10/11

Lauriet wrote:

dorkyannu wrote:

oh gosh. mega troller!

Actually, I think kimmm6 was just stating their opinion.

aha i wasnt talking about the person above me XD i was talking about the video
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