Sakura Ch. 2: My Neighbor
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--> Her home
I am lying on my fuuton right now listening to Kindle's new song, Sakura. This song really reminds me of that Sakura guy.
"Eh?! No way! I just noticed that at that time by the water, he only turned back at me because he thought I was calling him!"
Sheesh, I am even more embarrassed now. He is probably telling those people about me. Wait no...he may hap forgot that I existed in his world. He may hap is dead by now. Aww, I am so hungry, I am going to eat!
*Boom boom boom! Boom boom boom*
Who could be knocking at that guy's door right now?! How irritating! Let me eat my food in peace!
*Boom! Boom!*
What? You got to be kidding me. Do not tell me that this is a traditional spam at this apartment where the neighbors knock on random doors.
"Argh! I am coming!"
I stood up annoyingly stomping my feet onto the ground to improvise anger. Why are people knocking at my door?! I opened my maple door. The two freaks from two days ago are here in front of my door! What do you guys want?! Leave me alone!
"Ah, hello." I greeted them in an unfashionable way.
"Good morning to you, too, young lady." Replied that chick.
"Ehehe..yeah." I said with no emotion. "What can I do for the two of you this early in the morning at this time?"
"We don't mean to bother you, we are only here to ask you if you have seen your neighbor at all for the past two days. So if I can be notified, please answer."
That man really is a bother; that chick is perhaps his underdog. Ahahaha!
"No, sir, I have not seen nor heard of my neighbor. May I ask why you two are so curious about him?"
"See, thing is that we are responsible for his actions- we are like his guards." The chick said while brushing her straight hair to her side.
"The chairman of XD Records, whom is his father, is putting him in probation from his music records because of some sort of depression problems and mentality issues. We are sent here every morning to check up on him, but he never opens the door-"
The man interrupted, "neither does he reply to us."
"Yes, that too, now hush, Ron. Anyhow, if we don't get him out of this place to due date and to get him better, we might lose our jobs."
I see, so my neighbor is an inborn rich guy. Depression problems?
"Oh, okay. I am sorry."
"If you could by any means, contact us at this number when you possibly hear from your neighbor." She passed a contact card to me.
"This is my number and that one is this old dude's number." She slapped him wickedly on his chest. I laugh at that.
"Okay, I will try to."
"Thank you for caring. We will take our leave now. Take care!" She waved while smiling and the man just looked at me and the two walked away.
Reading my received card that looks really fancy- almost like a birthday and wedding invitation card; I can tell that XD Records is a famous company.
"Ichinose Takuma and Nagasawa Rika..? I like her name."
I closed my door and *ding dong ding dong ding dong*
"Oh, come on! Let me eat."
I opened my door again and there he was in front of my eyes.
"Sa-Sakura!" I am so shocked! He isn't dead yet! To be more legit, I greet him, "Good morning! Are you feeling better today?" I blushed because he remembers where I live.
"Mornin'.." He said with a sleepy eye glaring at me like he was pestered. He then asked for my name, "What's your name again?"
"Huh? Why would I tell you my name?" I feel creeped out!
"Just a trade off, come on. Be nice and how can I thank someone for actually trying to care for me even though I am a stranger to them?"
" can call me Mei."
"First name already? That's interesting. Anyway, thanks Mei..." He wrapped his hand around his chin.
"Umm, no problem, I guess? I am bothered, can I help you?" My eyes wondered around questioning his presence.
"Yes, feed me food and of course, your house would be as dirty like last time."
"Aha, wow, you talk to me like we are already best buddies." My response fed him sarcasm.
"No duh, we know of each others' existence and we know each others' name, so why not? Hehe"
He gently pushed me to the side and walked into my home.
"Ah? Wai-wait a minute! You can't just barge into someone's house like that without permission!" I screeched at him with shock.
"Huh? You asked me if I needed anything and I am in your house. I need a place to stay for now and I need food. So I took your suggestion and now I am in here. Is it wrong for me to do something that you wanted me to do at first? And you clearly gave me permission."
Damn, he said that in one breath without hesitation. What an A hole!
"Eh! That's my breakfast! Don't eat someone else's food that is clearly not yours!" I scrambled at him.
"Say what?"
"I thought you wanted to die! If you really wish to die, stop eating my food!" I snatched my bowl of breakfast (Ramen) and chopsticks from his hands and ate the leftover particles. "You are one rude guest." I said while chewing my shrimp.
"You are one rude host." Sakura said looking at me with puppy eyes.
"There was never a host to begin, freak. Why are you here anyway? That's just creepy!"
"Weren't you the one who wanted me to stay two nights ago?"
He sickens me to the core. I choke on my food.
"I am only here to warn you."
He grabbed the center of my bunny pajama top and got really near my face. Wow, such flawless skin tone and he has no flaws of any pimples! I am epically jealous! I have one at the top of my forehead...I get some every now and then...
"If you call anyone for this whole week, your grave will be right in front of your eyes."
Such a scary look..My face, I can feel it turning red; as red as an over ripe tomato! Still, I have to look tough for my own life safety.
"Now why would you think I contact anyone, huh?"
"I don't like what you did to me that night, so I am going carry you to my grave with me."
"That doesn't answer my question, yo."
"Pshh!" He released my shirt and went back to his corner of the table.
"No, really? What makes you wonder.."
"What makes me wonder? I am just afraid that you will tell people about how you met a freak at the water bay who was going to commit suicide. I also don't want you to praise yourself for trying to be a heroine. How improper."
Sakura covered his face and turned red.
I pounded on my table and began to shout a laughter. "Really? That's it?! THAT IS IT?! You came all the way over here to my apartment building to tell me not to be too overpraise for trying to be a 'heroine'?" I laughed even louder.
"Shut up...there's more to it.."
"But because I really dislike and your house is making lose conscious, I am going to leave. You can figure out the rest since you are such a goody goody. Disgusting."
Sakura stood up and walked to my door. I started to worry about his blackmailing and shouted to him, "I can't even call my friends?!"
He made a 180 degree turn at me and smiled sinisterly just to say, "So, you are on then? You are afraid of meeting your other side of the world aren't you?"
"No...not really..maybe so....iono.." I twirled my fingers around each other and looked at my toffee carpet. "Even then, if you really mean to threaten me, I will call the cops on you! Don't think I can't."
"Moreover, I don't care if you call the cops on me, it's just like dying and you know my capabilities of doing these things. In fact, you know that I would not mind killing you at all."
Ehkk~ To think he was pretty cute and funny at first, he really isn't. He is a monster! However, women power! Women power!
"You know what?! For an emotionally disturbed guy, you are really stupid! If you wanted to kill me, you would already have! If you are really disliking me, you would have already kill yourself for seeing the 'likes' of me. Hence, you would have already killed yourself when you left my house that night! Why are you still breathing in this amosphere?! People like you don't make any sense! People like you are selfish and ignorant!"
"That's why I want to kill myself." Sakura said solemnly with a solitude grasp.
I looked at him and and tears started to shred from him. Vain appeared on him right before I could blink.
"Hah?" I said.
He smiled at me and exit through my door.
What was that? Why did I feel connected to him at that instant? What was it? Great, that look was heart throbbing too! He looked like a baby!
I chased after him again and he disappeared- again. What the heck? He's like a ninja!
--> Her work place
"Why is she chopping the fish like that?"
"It's sort scary isn't it?"
"Tell me about it! She looks like she is chopping her love's head!"
Dumb chums, I don't have a lover. Men are complicated to deal with for a girl like me.
Why do they wonder of my chopping style? Well, recently after his threat, I have been rather paranoid. Though I know he was just kidding around; I think..hopefully. Every time I heard my phone vibrate a ring tone or a text is sent to me, I felt like he was there watching me and digging my grave for me. It's really intimidating! Aww! I am pestered by his notification! One time, I was showering and I heard my phone ringing, I picked up and I heard the thunder storming at me. I literally screamed and cried. I knew that that was a symbol of him preparing my grave for me.
*Ring ring ring*
"AAAHHHH! Aahhh!!!"
I jumped and fish substances flew to the back of my head.
"What is it?!" said my main chef.
I looked around and all of the customers and my co-workers stared at me nonstop.
"Oh, um.." my body is leaking of sweat right now, "Eh...I was just showing Mika the incorrect way of welcoming new workers.." I pulled Mika over who is actually an older worker here, to my side, "correct, Mika?"
"What? Ah ha ha, are pro at that..yeah..ahahaha"
See? People just have to be pro at everything. *coughs* But see? My paranoia is really getting to me!
-->In front of her apartment door
Sakura is standing at my door!
"Wh-what are you doing there?!" I cried.
It's not my time yet to die! Is he here to dig my grave?! What the fudge?!
"Yo." He said and nodded his head. Sakura looked back down at looking at the ground.
"Hmm, why are you standing at my door?"
"What? Does it bother you?"
"Oh, then I'll slide over here, then, to this door."
He shifted his figure to my neighbor's door and stood there silently.
"Why are you still here?" I leaned forward to him.
"Why? It's a free country. I don't see any sign that says 'do not lean on this side of the wall and do not trespass that stairway'".
This guy, he is really stubborn.
"Well then, goodnight to you, Mr."
Right when I opened my door, my phone rang.
*Ding dong ding dong*
"Aahh! It's alive!" I yelled and dropped my phone onto his side of the left leg.
He picked up my phone and questioned me, "It's Kyoko?"
"That's what it says."
"Leave it alone! Don't touch my phone! Anyway, thanks for picking it up."
"Aren't you going to pick her up?"
I am biting my lips right now with loss of pride.
"Hmm?" He doubted me.
"I don't want to see my grave in front of me..."
He chuckled and began to blush cherry colors at me.
"Buawahahahaha! You didn't take me for real, did you? I was just joking!"
"What? I have only the capability of committing suicide, I don't the ability of committing a crime. That's where you misinterpreted." He keeps on laughing at me; that's so unfair!
"Fine! I am going to call Kyoko then! I am going to tell her that there's a creep standing at my door who looks like the lead singer from Kindle. If I tell her so, she would scream and come over here to take you away."
"Hold on, be friendly."
He snatched my phone from me and hid it.
"If you want it, you have to promise me something."
"Give me back my phone, jerk!"
"Do you regret saving me now?"
"Give me back my phone!"
"I said, 'do you regret saving me now'?" He said and was leaning near my head while smiling like a devil.
"No! I saved you because I felt like it! I don't regret things that I do for reasons! Now give me back my phone!"
"Gee, if you can reach it..."
He lifted his arm up with my phone gripped onto his palm. That ass is just making fun of me now.
"Stop it!"
"You have to promise me one thing, can you do that?"
"Sure thing, just give me back my phone."
"Don't ever mention anything about that Kindle band nor its productions to me, got it?"
"Why do you hate that band so much?"
"Well, I wouldn't consider it hate, I would just consider it...annoyed." He grinned at me up close.
I never realized that he had the same smile as Miura. Not just that, the two of them share the same dimple on each side of their cheeks.
"Okay, but I want to ask you one question relating to Miura."
"Sure, give it up. I am doubting your words anyway."
"Are you related to Miura from Kindle."
"I don't even know how the people in Kindle look like, how am I suppose to know who I am related to?"
"Oh...okay..I promise now then."
We pinky promised each other. Sakura's pinky is so huge, I felt like he dictated my whole self with just his pinky.
"So, why are you here?" I asked his presence again.
"What do you mean?"
"You know...why are you suddenly always here at the front of my door?"
"Why can't I?"
"It's called creepy and strange..that's why." I nodded to him like he was a creep.
"I live here though."
"You do?! Where?"
He pointed to the house door of my neighbor whose always crying at night.
"I live right through this door."
"You live behind that door?!"
"Hmm, yeah." Saying it to me like it was suppose to be an obvious thing.
"What?! Wait, let me catch my breath..WHAT?! We're neighbors?! My neighbor, who always drives me crazy at night time and always drives me crazy in the morning because of those two freaks who are supposedly guarding a depressed, mental-like, rich man is you, who always arrives at the front of my door and tells me crazy things with mood swings and depressed looks?!"
"Ah, that pretty much settles everything." He nods.
Oh gosh, no wonder why he was always gone so fast, it's not like he was a ninja, he lived right next to me. And that time when I heard no sobs was because he was in my house. Oh and he always shows up now because he finally realizes he has a cool neighbor who saved him?! This world is too small!
To Be Continued whenever I am not lazy.
Thanks for reading if you did accomplish to!
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