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[KDrama~2011] The Princess' Man
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Posted 3/15/11 , edited 9/19/11

* Title: 공주의 남자 / Gongjooeui Namja
* Genre: Period, romance
* Episodes: 24
* Broadcast network: KBS2
* Broadcast period: 2011-Jul-20 to 2011-Oct-06
* Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55

A tragic love story between the daughter of Prince Suyang and grandson of Kim Jong Seo. The son of Kim Jongseo, Seungyoo, is a handsome and wise man who carries a noble quality. Princess Seryeong, a daughter of King Sejo, aka prince Sooyang, is a cheerful, lively lady with a strong curiosity and bold personality. They fall in love instantly but later they find out that their parents are sworn enemies.

It's a Chosun dynasty version of “Romeo and Juliet”.


* Moon Chae Won as Lee Se Ryung

* Park Shi Hoo as Kim Seung Yoo

* Song Jong Ho as Shin Myun

* Hong Soo Hyun as Princess Kyung Hye

* Lee Min Woo as Jung Jong

* Lee Soon Jae as Kim Jong Seo
* Kim Young Chul as Prince Suyang (later King Sejo)

Extended Cast
* Uhm Hyo Sup as Lee Gae
* Lee Joo Suk as Prince Anpyung
* Heo Jung Kyu (허정규) as Kim Seung Gyu
* Ga Deuk Hi as Lady Ryu
* Kim Yoo Bin as Kim Ah Kang
* Kim Seo Ra as Lady Yoon
* Yoo Ha Joon as Im Woon
* Jung Dong Hwan as King Munjong
* No Tae Yub (노태엽) as Danjong
* Min Ji as Yeo Ri
* Ban So Young as Eun Geum
* Seo Hye Jin as Lee Se Jung
* Kwon Hyun Sang as Lee Soong
* Lee Hyo Jung as Shin Sook Joo
* Lee Dae Yeon as Kwon Ram
* Yoon Seung Won as Ohn Nyeong Goon
* Kwon Tae Won as Min Shin
* Kim Ik Tae as Jo Geuk Gwan
* Kim Young Bae as Jun Gyoon
* Lee Hee Do as Han Myung Hwa
* Kim Roe Ha as Jo Suk Joo
* Yoon Jong Hwa as Jun Noh Kyul
* Choi Moo Sung (최무성) as Ham Gwi
* Jung Geun (정근) as Mak Son
* Lee El as Mae Hyang
* Hong Il Kwon as Prince Geum Sung

2011-07-20~ Ep01~ 9.3
2011-07-21~ Ep02~ 8.7
2011-07-27~ Ep03~ 9.7
2011-07-28~ Ep04~ 10.4
2011-08-03~ Ep05~ 14.4
2011-08-04~ Ep06~ 15.3
2011-08-10~ Ep07~ 13.9
2011-08-11~ Ep08~ 15.2
2011-08-17~ Ep09~ 16.9
2011-08-18~ Ep10~ 17.6
2011-08-24~ Ep11~ 15.7
2011-08-25~ Ep12~ 18.1
2011-08-31~ Ep13~ 17.7
2011-09-01~ Ep14~ 19.5
2011-09-07~ Ep15~ 19.2
2011-09-08~ Ep16~ 20.1
2011-09-14~ Ep17~ 21.7
2011-09-15~ Ep18~ 21.2
2011-09-21~ Ep19~
2011-09-22~ Ep20~
2011-09-28~ Ep21~
2011-09-29~ Ep22~
2011-10-05~ Ep23~
2011-10-06~ Ep24~

Credit : Dramawiki
Posted 4/25/11
Historical Romeo and Juliet?

Sign me up!
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Posted 4/26/11 , edited 4/26/11
I loved her performance Shining Inheritance
but not a fan of Romeo and Juliet...
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Posted 5/20/11
Park Si-hoo confirmed to cast in KBS 2TV drama "The Princess' Man

Actor Park Si-hoo has confirmed to cast in KBS 2TV drama "The Princess' Man" coming this July.

The drama related person revealed on the 19th, "Park Si-hoo has recently confirmed to star in "The Princess' Man".

Park Si-hoo will be playing Kim Seung-yoo, the descendant of Kim Jong-seo. In the drama he will be sharing "Forbidden Love" with Se Ryeong (Moon Chae-won), the daughter of General Soo-yang.

The love between Kim Seung-yoo who is the descendant of Kim Jong-seo who was murdered by the General and his daughter Se Ryeong is to be like 'Romeo and Juliet".

"The Princess' Man" now having confirmed the main catss will complete casting of the other main actors soon.

Meanwhile, "The Princess' Man" is due to be released on the 20th of July
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Posted 5/27/11
Song Jong-ho has been cast in "The Princess' Man"

Actor Song Jong-ho has been cast in the KBS 2TV drama "The Princess' Man".

"The Princess' Man" is the historical Chosun version of "Romeo and Juliet" coming this end of July. It is based in the Chosun times, when General Sooyang who tried to steal the throne and become king himself murdering the first vice-premier, Kim Jong-seo.

It is a traditional historical romance drama where princess Se-ryeong (Moon Chae-won) and Kim Seung-yoo (Park Si-hoo) suffer between love and revenge.

Song Jong-ho is the second son of Chosun's smartest brain Kim Sook-joo and is the ambitious second factor of the drama after Kim Seung-yoo, his best friend, and they compete well-intentionally in education and all other areas.

Song Jong-ho looked eager to do this drama as he said, "I want to quench my thirst of wanting to challenge myself to a new role this time. This is also my first historical since my debut so it means a lot more. I will meet viewers with a whole new side of me".

The productions said, "Song Jong-ho's manly and passionate image was just right for the role and we are anxious to see how it will turn out. The conflict structure between Song Jong-ho and Park Si-hoo will be another fun part to watch. The two men will go through friendship and revenge inside passionate romance".

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Posted 6/10/11
Princess’ Man finished its lineup, shooting is underway

Upcoming KBS 2 drama, Princess’ Man aka Korean saeguk version of Romeo and Juliet finally finished its cast and already held first script reading at the end of May. All the cast gathered on 3 hours session, practiced enthusiastically.

Leads by main pairing Park Shi Hoo and Moon Chae Woon, Princess’ Man also added 34-year-old Song Jong Ho (Will It Snow for Christmas) who will play Park Shi Hoo’s best friend.

Just as usual saeguk, there’s must be places for senior actors. This time , everybody’s grandpa Lee Soon Jae made the cut as General Kim Jong Seo aka Park Shi Hoo’s father, who is the enemy of Moon Chae Woon’s father, Prince Suyang.

Prince Suyang’s role is given to charismatic senior actor Kim Young Chul who superbly played the boss of South Korea intelligent agency in IRIS.

24 episodes of Princess’ Man already started its shooting since May 30 and will replace Romance Town by July 20.

"The Princess's Man" Park Si-hoo looks good in ancient costume

Actor Park Si-hoo revealed a on site picture for "The Princess's Man".

New KBS drama "The Princess's Man" is a tragic comedy retelling the Chosun times, with Kim Si-hoo as Kim Seung-yoo, son of Kim Jong-seo in love with Se-ryeong (Moon Chae-won) daughter of General Soo-yang.

In the picture is Park Si-hoo as Kim Seung-yoo, reading his lines, tired from the hot weather and fooling around, totally different from the character he is supposed to be in the drama.

Those who have seen his picture say, "Good job in the hot weather", "I can believe it now that I see it like this, I wish July comes quickly", "I'm looking forward to "The Princess's Man"", "Young Master Seung-yoo, take care of yourself" and more.

Park Si-hoo has been working hard traveling all over the nation and said that the drama feels good after the first shoot.

KBS "The Princess's Man" with Park Si-hoo and Moon Chae-won will be broadcasted on the 20th of July after "Romance Town".

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Posted 7/1/11
Drama Characters' Photo Released

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Posted 7/29/11
i've never given historical dramas a try but theres something very appealing about "the princess' man"
i was hesitant @ first coz of the confirmed tragic end
i decided to give the first 2 episodes a try
it was way better than i expected
im enjoying watching the way the 2 main leads interact with each other
i really like moon chae won's acting here
i've never really noticed her be4 until this drama

P.S. i love the hanboks in this drama <3
i want one badly :(
Posted 8/4/11 , edited 8/6/11
I don't have the will power to watch any more of this drama.

The first two episodes were too boring.

Edit: I made it through episode 3 today. It still doesn't tug at my heartstrings, but there is something about this drama that intrigues me. Something that makes me want to stick with it for a little longer.
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Posted 8/11/11
nice! i love Park Si Hoo =)
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Posted 9/2/11
it may be boring at the first place.. bec u need to know all the information about their fathers first. and the royal family bla bla But trust me, it really gets better and better!!! It's the first drama that gets me to over react lol xD! trust me, you'll really love it! :))
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Posted 9/3/11
i'm loving this drama soooo much, Moon Chae-won & Park Shihoo are looking great together.
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F / fantasy world ~~
Posted 9/3/11
im loving this so much!!!! love park shi hoo =]
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Posted 9/13/11
The Cast of Princess' Man Give Their Chuseok Greetings

The cast of KBS's drama "The Princess' Man" gave their 2011 Chuseok greetings.

Kim Jong Suh's (played by Lee Soon Jae) youngest son Seung Yoo (played by Park Shi Hoo) said, "I hope everyone has a wonderful time as they gather with their families for a fruitful Chuseok."

General Soo Yang's daughter, Sae Ryoung (played by Moon Chae Won) smiled while saying, "I hope everyone gets together with their families to make lots of 'song pyun' (Korean ricecakes stuffed with delicious sweet fillings), make wishes on the moon, and eat a lot of delicious food. I hope everyone has a great time this year!"

The Joseon princess Kyung Hae (played by Hong Soo Hyun) said, "Everyone should just leave their problems and worries in a different place for today and spend time with their loving families. Have a warm holiday everyone!"

Princess Kyung Hae's husband Jung Jong (played by Lee Min Woo) said, "Happy Chuseok everyone! Have a wonderful time and don't forget to watch 'The Princess' Man'," he added with a laugh.

The third wheel to Sae Ryoung and Seung Yoo's romance, Shin Sook Jae's second son Shin Myun (played by Song Jong Ho) left this message: "A joyous Chuseok, a healthy Chuseok- from The Princess' Man's Shin Myun".

Pictures of Park Shi Hoo and "General Soo Yang" (played by Kim Young Chul) giving their Chuseok greetings can be found on "The Princess' Man" internet community site.

Even if you're not Korean, you too can have a wonderful Chuseok. Go out to eat at a Korean restaurant with your family! Happy Chuseok 2011 everyone!
Posted 9/17/11
I'm really glad I didn't drop this drama.

It has improved drastically since the first few episodes. Once they toned down that love dovey crap, it became a better drama. Seeing Soo Yang and his people conspire is fun to watch. It sucks that Sae Ryoung and Soo Yang have to suffer because of her father's ambitions, but honestly I'm enjoying their angsty/dysfunctional scenes a lot more than I did their happy ones. I welcome the shift in their relationship with open arms.
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