The Last Guardian
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Posted 3/15/11
So it's old news for some and new for others, but Team Ico's Trico Project might be out by the end of the year. If you remember Ico, and Shadow of the Collosus, then the Last Guardian is the next title of that line. If it follows the example set by the previous games, you can expect a good story with excellent graphics to back it up. I'm guessing from the trailer that this one might not be quite as dark as either Ico or Shadow, but I'm sure it's going to tell it's own story well.
If you're interested, check out the interview with Fumito Ueda and the trailer.
Posted 3/15/11
Also if your a fan of Team ICO's games, there is a Team ICO collection coming out for PS3 (Think God of War Collection and Sly Collection), upscaled PS2 goodness) that will feature ICO and Shadow of the Collusus upscaled to 720p packed with other special features as well I'm sure.

As to be more on the current topic, I can't wait for this game ^_^
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