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Posted 3/15/11 , edited 3/15/11
Posted 3/15/11 , edited 3/15/11
Ami : *walks into form and sits down at the second row next to the window*
Brandon : *sitting behind Ami* "....."
Michael : "walks in and sits next to Ami" "Hi"
Ami : *looks at Michael* "...Hi"
Michael : "Im Michael" *holds out hand*
Ami : "Im Ami" *Shakes Michaels hand*
Kiki : *sitting on Amis shoulder* *Whispers to Ami* "Oi.Oldie,four o'clock" "looks at Brandon*
Brandon : "I can hear you"
Kiki : "KIII!" * *
Brandon : *smirks*
Shou : "Brandon,stop being annoying"
Sulun : "Your the one thats idiotic"
Shou : "I HAVE AN IQ OF 1432! Why i ought to-"
Kiki : "NO!" *grabs Shou*
Shou : *running on the spot* "Let me have him.let me have him!"
Ami : *dark aura* "Kiki.Why get involved"
Kiki : "Heh,no reason"
Ami : *o.o* "Anyway..." *looks at Brandon* "Who are you?"
Brandon : "Im brandon" *puts out hands*
Ami : *smiles* "Im Ami" *Shakes Brandons hand*
Michael : *looks away* "Pfft!"
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