Petition signing for the founding father of fighting group anime
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Posted 3/15/11
What was a major influence DB, One Piece, Gintama, Fairy Tail, Naruto, Inuyasha, and virtually all other fighting group anime? Cyborg 009. This is a thread asking for as many people to sign the "Stream Cyborg 009 Petition" on

While many anime are horribly underrated that warrant more attention, because 009 was the first big anime/manga to incorporate super-powered fighting group concept, I feel it warrants more than many other titles. I am asking if that even if you aren't a fan of the show, please sign it for those that enjoy it. Even if I got the edited Toonami version to watch legally online, I would be happy though I would prefer an uncut bilingual stream. Cyborg 009 Petition Video.

Someone wrote this in Japanese: 英語圏の人のために「英語吹替版サイボーグ009がオンラインで­見られるように」






私も英語版を見た~い!英語版DVDは1~8話までしか出てませ­ん。できたらBlu-ray がいいな~。リージョンコードがアメリカと日本で同じだから。で­もとりあえずこの署名には乗っからせていただきます

The awful Google Translate has it as:

For English speakers, "as seen online Cyborg 009 English dub version"

"Cyborg 009 English dub version DVD to be sold"has been a signature work,

So I made ​​this video for it.

Signature by all means!

MsPheonix by clicking on a message next ↓'s like, you can sign out link.

Enter the name and e-mail address. The page address is a worry, 載Rimasen. After "We have received your signed" just an e-mail coming.

I saw the English you know! 1 DVD is out in English only to talk Temasen 8. - Blu-ray could be good. So the U.S. and Japan the same region code. This signature, but we now 乗Kkara

To anyone that has a good knowledge of Japanese, please and thanks to whoever that can provide a better translation even if they are sentences summarizing it.
Posted 3/15/11
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