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Rosario + Vampire
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Posted 3/18/11
Rosario+Vampire is one of my favorite animes watched both seasons and bought the manga
i feel like rewatching it
but yea its an awsome anime
Posted 3/19/11
An occasional pantyshot? Ok, tempting.

Using that fanservice as a major plot device? Irritating and unappealing.

I watched the whole thing... but I would not recommend this anime.

Other than spotting familiar monsters and maybe some cheap jokes... the show was a typical ecchi/harem deal. Bland.

The only positive side I see were the OP's... I suppose.
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Posted 3/20/11 , edited 3/20/11
Watched all the episodes, and up to date with the Manga :D

..........well for me
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Posted 4/25/11
My last names Rosario :P

how many anime r named after u huh :P?
Posted 6/11/11
I never read the manga, but I used to like that show. The panty shots got on my nerves a lot. <.<
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24 / F / Under your skin.
Posted 6/11/11
I didn't watch the anime. I'm reading the manga though.

And I like it.
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Posted 6/11/11
The Manga was so much better. After a while the anime just started to annoy me, waiting that whole season for the guy to transform and it never happened. When the 2nd season start I though "Well maybe they will do the plot now that they got the fan service out of their system".... (-_-) after a few episodes I gave up on that idea. If they did get to it please tell me cause I would actually like to see the real story animated

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Posted 6/12/11
I like the anime.

I like the manga.

Sometimes I like to engross myself in a vivid, thought provoking story, where I actually care about what happens to the characters and am given reason to believe that one or all of them may end up tragic victims of their own flaws or circumstances.

And sutimes I liek 2 pantsu.
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