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Posted 3/16/11 , edited 9/5/11
OKAY! now use this to make ur character!!!

Species- (check to see if species is available)
Power- (If you are not a human u are allowed only 1 power)
Weapon (pic)-

My character.
Name:Boris Airay
Age: 18
Gender: m
Power:to be able to enter people's dreams and change them to where the dream is horrifying enough to kill that person

Personality: mild mood swings because of the people he drinks from, but he he is mainly a sweet, loving, understanding guy, he can become quite thirsty at times
Orientation: gay
bio: He always tries to look on the bright side of life and is an happy-go-lucky guy who has put himself a stray to the rest of his tribe because they treat him like an enemy outsider due to the fact that his father is the leader of there enemy and for the fact that his mother has died giving birth to him so he has no reason to be there any more. He considers himself an outsider of all humanity due to the fact he is not excepted anywhere. He has made himself an army ready guy who can leap into action at any second that is needed. He is not use to human contact so when he is around another bean he becomes very timid and or shy but he is an very easy going person and a great friend that is loyal to his word. When he's angered he becomes so fierce that even the mountain demons become afraid. He is great at everything that he douse dancing, painting, etc; It is an known fact that when he sings even the birds will be silent to listen to his melody. He eats a lot of sweats to keep his nerves calm so he will not become angry. His best friends are a squirrel monkey named Simi and an dove named Zena they have always been by his side and helps him to get by in life. Every now and then he will run into town and sing but he gos into a tavern first.
Pic/appearance:(the white hair is the vampire form and the other is human form)
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Posted 3/20/11
Weapon:(update later)
Bio:She dosen't tell anyone about her past
Pic/appearance-Satomi have long black hair, Her Eyes are red, She always wear an black dress however, She have an broken heart on her left cheek

Species-Scared Possesed babydoll
Weapon(pic)-(update later)
Bio-She was the first scared possesed babydoll creater by Kikyo
Scared Possessed Babydoll Form:

Rena's True Form:
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Posted 3/20/11
you can rp at any time
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Posted 3/20/11 , edited 9/5/11
Name- Yuuki and Arisu Kiseki
Age- 17
Gender- f
Spieces- vampire
Power- to enter dreams and pose as the persons' lover (if they have one) and kill them
Weapon- Yuuki


personality- They are: quiet, mild mood swings because of the dreams they enter but they are mainly sweet, loving, and understanding.
bio- they forgot about their past so their trying to find their family so they can learn their past
Yuuki (white) Arisu (black)
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