Anime at the Alamo
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Posted 3/17/11 , edited 3/17/11
Funimation does Anime at the Alamo, at the Alamo Drafthouse in Houston on Tuesdays. It is a free ticket to get in, I usually get something to eat since they serve food there. Whenever I go there I usually end up buying the the anime that I see there: saw first 4 episodes of Sacred Blacksmith- bought the series, Summer wars- bought it, on 3/29/11 they are showing Evangelion 2.22 on the screen (the dub) free and I will buy that. They are usually dubs and bad ones at that but series that I wouldn't buy usually I tend to buy, I think Funimation is doing a good job on their marketing especially these types of events since it works on me. Are there any other events like this around the country?

(I don't work for Funimation, I wish I did, but I don't)
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Posted 5/5/11 , edited 5/6/11
I hope you find peace!
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