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Mixed martial arts / UFC
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24 / M / Generic Weeaboo H...
Posted 1/28/12
chael sonnen, nick diaz, brian ebersole and dennis hallman for me
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102 / M / Gainesville, Florida
Posted 3/19/12
i'm a fan...been following it for a while. Im pretty small, so I would fight in the flyweight.
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Posted 3/19/12
I enjoyed watching Overeem beat Lesnar [though I do respect Brock Lesnar as a fighter]. It's been a while since I've really kept up with UFC, but I've enjoyed watching:

BJ Penn
Cro Cop
Anderson Silva
Georges St. Pierre
Rampage Jackson
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18 / M
Posted 4/5/12 , edited 4/5/12
Bruce Lee is some what the creator of this sport.
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21 / M / Venezuela
Posted 5/22/12
i train MMA:p so pro
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28 / M
Posted 5/31/12 , edited 5/31/12
Its a good sport, not as mixed as it use to be. Befor it was style vs style, now MMA is its own sport. But its very easy to modify and make your personal adjustments to. I am very impressed with Dana white, they way he's made UFC so big !
So all in all its a very entertaining thing to watch. Love there big events.
Now there have been alot of talk about injuries and trauma to the head, mostly people just dont like "ground and pound" and the elbows. But there are not alot of "real" injuries during training, way less then fotball ! I think its because the fighters realise what they are doing and are alot more carfull during training, taping early and so on.
And if your looking for a good workout you can hardly find enything better. You get a good allaround training. Not just getting big and stiff. You will get srong and flexible. Tho it is very very hard. Remember its a fighting sport, you will get hit in the face if you drop your guard!
I train myself and love it

Fav fighters: Rampage, Sonnen, Gustavsson, Griffin, Faber

Cant wait untill "Silva vs Sonnen 2" !!!!!! thats gonna be a war !
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25 / M / Arizona
Posted 9/4/12
I would have to say Rich Franklin. Ive met him before and he is crazy humble... tho i feel i need to say varner,starks, larsen, or moraga just cuz i train with them.
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18 / M / North Dakota
Posted 9/24/12
i do a lot of mma taikwondo, mauythai, silat, judo, and my favorite capreoda
top fighters
*mayhem =smart
*bas rutten= seriously 1990 was the hard core fighting era
*anderson silva =this guy is brutal
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