Sakura Ch.3: The Chairman's Sons
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Original story of mine and this is Volume One's cover.

--> Her apartment continuation of chapter 2
I am still really amazed.
"So now that I finally see you, I can actually contact those two freaks."
Right when I grabbed my phone back from his hand, he froze.
"Hm? Is something wrong?"
He kept his paralyzing steady.
"Don't call them.."
He touched my hand that was gripping onto the phone and looked at me.
"Don't call them, it will only worry me more." His eyes scattered around.
Really? Is he kidding me?
"But if I don't, then they could lose their jobs."
"No, they won't. They work under me, not the chairman. I won't fire them."
"What? Then why did they say that they would get fire?"
I am so lost right now, what is going on here? >//<
"That's only because they want to see me trying to go back on stage with XD productions."
"Are you-really a singer?" I asked him with confusion.
"I was going to be."
"What do you mean?" I questioned him once more.
"Then, the chairman decided to put his other son in my position because I was in coma for a week before the band first debuted as a band. I couldn't make it in time, so now, I am here."
"How did you get here?"
"Let's see...." He turned over to the starry sky and leaned against the white wall. He kept looking at the sky. Finally, he replied back with, "Sometimes the heir of a household family doesn't get everything. It's not like I was jealous that his other son took my spot, but I was just sad that no one told me about it after a month when the band already formed their first album. The friends that I thought were my friends didn't tell me a single thing and then that chairman and his beloved gave me nothing. Their son just kept shining before me without apologizing."
Now that I think of it, that's what Rika and Takuma were referring to when I met them before going to school. They kept talking about father and son honor and pride things. Now it's starting to make sense. The two want him to go back into XD Entertainment and accept his brother for the spot and to honor his father's decision. But I would be angry too, no wonder why Sakura is so mad at them.
"I am sorry!...Anyway, what band is it now that you are implying towards?" I looked at him and he looked back at me.
He smiled, "Don't bother with it. It'll only be a hindrance."
"Then when did your band start without you?"
"Eh, probably 3 years now."
"Okay...3 years...3 years..."
"How old were you?"
"What are you? Trying to stalk me?"
What the heck, I am just curious.
"Question is, how old are you?"
"Are you trying to stalk me then?"
"No, but then I do know that you are still in high school."
He kept swiping his hair at the back and just kept smiling. Is it really okay for a depressed guy to fake smile this much?
"Are you really having depression problems?"
He stopped smiling and just kept looking at me..
"....Aren't you a bit too personal on me now?"
"I could be.." Mei is like on dope; she is so dense.
"How so?"
"I might tell you if you promise me that you will never contact that Rika chick and that Takuma dude about knowing of me."
"Okay, deal."
He stuck his hand out in front of me and waited.
"What do you want?"
"The contacting card."
"You know about that?"
"Yeah, that's why I came to you yesterday morning to tell you not to contact anyone at all or else I will dig you a grave."
"Ah! O.K! Hahaha! How did you know of it?"
She is such a dweeb.
"Isn't it obvious?! I heard your loud throats talking outside of the door!"
"Ah..." I am stupid.
His hand was still waiting for me.
"Agh, you are really secured about your private life, aren't you?" I said while taking the card out from my tiny waist bag. "Here you are..."
Sakura took the card and ripped it into tiny pieces. He then smiled and leaned forward to me again.
"Thanks, I officially owe you many things from here on out! Night night."
He lashed his door knob and turned back at me.
"I won't cry tonight for your sake; that is where I'll officially start owing you." He grinned and went inside his house.
I waved to him and kept looking at his door. I think he really is depressed.
--> Morning
Aww! I have to take out my garbage today because it's so full and dirty. Heh-I am so proud of myself! I am cleaning my house!
"Doot doot doot~" I hummed my way out.
Hey, those two freaks aren't here today; what peace is this sort? Ahahaha~
"You are taking out your garbage, finally?"
"Huh? Who said that?"
"Mei-chan! It's me, Kyoko!"
"Oh hey, Kyoko! What brings you here today?" I asked her while running to her through the dimmed cement and cherry blossomed trees surrounding me.
"I called you like 16 times and you never picked up, so I was worried if you were okay or not. Are you okay then?"
"Yeah! I am fine!"
"So then, why didn't you pick up at all?"
"Oh right! I wanted to, but it's a really long wouldn't believe it."
"Why would I not? You should tell me, Mei-chan! What happened?"
"I can't tell you, you would think that I am delusional and crazy."
"A good friend never laughs at a non-fiction story from her best friend unless it's worth the laugh."
Oh no, she said it with such comfortable confidence! I feel defeated at this moment!
"I cannot tell you because I promised that I would shut up about it."
What else is another legit reason? I can't think of any! Nothing at all!
"Well, Mei-chan, you should tell me when you can."
"I will, don't worry! I actually really want to tell you too, but then I really can't."
"Oh, okay then. I understand completely!"
My eyes began to twitch at every corner lash.
"Kyoko, you are way too kind! I love you! Wahahah!"
I am not crying just to be persistent.
"So, whenever you can. Leading on though! Let's go to the music store and check if Kindle's new song is out yet!"
"Yeah, today, why not today?" She asked me repentantly.
"Well," I scratched my head, "yeah, just 'well'."
"Let's go! It'll be great!"
"Ah!! I forgot to lock my door! Let's go lock my door first!" I shouted at her with barely any breath.
The two of us ran to my house door and he stood there.
"Eh?" Kyoko paused halfway and looked straight at Sakura leaning against the wall.
Great, something I didn't think would happen.
"Is that Miura from Kindle?!" She ran towards my door to reach his presence.
Hmm, that looks kind of cliched there.
"Kyoko! That's not him!"
"Haha, quit joking around with me!" She smiled at me and ran back.
There she is, in front of him, looking straight at him with her beauty. I am pretty much envious of her looks. She is so beautiful, well in my opinion.
Sakura looks at him and gave me a disturbed look. He looked so confused, so I started running towards the two of them.
"Good morning, sir!" I waved to him and smiled at him as if nothing really happened.
"Oh, morning to you too." He stood with his hand combing through his hair.
"Ah, let me introduce you to Asai Kyoko, my friend. And Kyoko, this is Sa..Saku, my next door neighbor." I said while flying my finger around the open spaces.
"Oh, so this is the sir who always cries at night that you said is burdening?" She smiled at me with her jokes.
"Huh?" Said Sakura.
"Just say hi to her." I called him out silently.
"Nice to meet you, Asai."
"Ma, don't call me Asai! Call me Kyoko!" Cheered Kyoko at him. She then asked, "If you don't mind me asking you something, could I?"
"What is it?" He sharply questioned her question.
"Are you not Hatake Miura?"
Sakura coughed and turned into the shade of watermelon pink flustered all over his cheeks. "Um, sorry to disappoint you, but I am not who you are thinking of. I don't even know that guy."
"Oh, is that so? I am terribly sorry!"
"Muahaha, that's alright. Many confuse me for other people whom I don't even know of. You are forgiven." Sakura said with fake eyes smiling at her. He has so many thick masks on, I don't know how many he has. Something came out from his mouth.
"Well, it was nice meeting you, now I am going to go back into my room and act sultry for the rest of the day. You two enjoy your day..." He said while opening his door and he left.
I adjusted my head towards Kyoko and she had red marks running through her enitre face with embarrassment.
"A-are you alright, Kyoko?"
"Ah-huh! I am perfectly fine! Don't worry about me!"
"You were just blushing."
"I know! I was just wondering how much you and him would look compatible with each other!" She shouted.
"What?! Are you sick?! That is disturbing!"
"No, what is disturbing is that there is a hot dude living next to you and you won't take an advantage of him!" She screamed at me and was really into it.
"Quiet down, he can hear us." I whispered. "Anyhow, I don't like him like that."
-->Music Store
The music store is stacked with records all over each tan shelf with windows on every corner. All of the shelves were organized perfectly with no fragments. Each facing back to back and down the row. The lights shinging through every genre tag was a brilliant ray of hope for better music to me.
"Mei-chan! Look here; they indeed have all of the Kindle albums at this store! Look at Shouta!"
I grabbed the cover and to my surprised, it didn't really looked like it was going to what I had expected. Something though, caught my eyes. "Kyoko, this says XD Entertainment, doesn't it?"
"Yeah." She answered without even looking at the brands and company.
"Is Kindle really in this company?"
"Yep, why?"
"Oh nothing; I was just wondering because I never noticed their founders. Ahahaha~" WTH?!
"Didn't you know? Miura is the son of the chairman in XD Entertainment. I heard that many people dislikes Miura because he only got his position thanks to being a spoiled brat. However, I still love him!"
HOLD ON! Miura is the chairman's son? Then that time..when Sakura was talking about the chairman and the other son, he was referring to his father and Miura? So then, doesn't that mean that they are brothers-possibly twins?! A-and not just that, Sakura was suppose to be the lead vocalist in Kindle?! This is just too much! Since when did I get involved with celebrities? But how? How could the band and his family not tell him about that debut and position thing?! Isn't that a bit too harsh? Even Shouta was involved in it; I thought he was suppose to be what I had imagined him to be; caring and honest! I am officially delusional.
"And then Kin-"
I interrupted her sentence although I didn't know what she was talking about anymore. "Kyoko, I have to go home now! I just remembered that my cat's in the oven!" I ran out to the glass door.
"What?! But then you don't even have a cat and why would you stick a cat in the oven?! Seriously, that girl needs some medications in the morning..."
--> Apartment
*knock knock*
He opened his door and his acoustic guitar was strapped around his shoulder. He really is...even his guitar has "Kindle" imprinted onto the bottom of the chords' ends.
"Can I help you right now?"
I can't speak knowing that I made a promise to him.
"What is it? Spill it out."
"Uh-uh..umm..If I ask you, you won't be mad, right? Since it regards with you know what."
"That name?"
I nodded my head.
"No. I don't want to hear it."
"You must let me ask you since you said that you owe me a bunch from here on!" I panted with lack of energy at him.
He covered his lips and then bit his bottom portion. He seems so annoyed right now.
"Fine, ask."
"Is it Kindle?"
"What of that thing?"
I pointed to his guitar at the bottom as I squinted my eyes. Sakura looked at where I was pointing and gave me a distinguished expression.
"So what if it is Kindle?"
"You and Miura are twins who both share the same talents. Unfortunately, your father chose him over you because of the coma problem, isn't that so? Both of you are the chairman's sons."
"Are you finished?"
"Eh?" Why would you ask me that, Sakura?
"Are you finished?"
"Only if you answer my questions."
"I told you to not bother with it, didn't I?" His eyes stared at me with his impatient look and he didn't smile at me like usual.
Of course, he would shut the door at me with anger. What did I do wrong this time?
To Be Continued when I am again, not lazy. :D
Thanks for reading if you did accomplish to do so!
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Hey, LoveNews....

I have no idea that you are a gifted artist: planning to become a manga artist someday? *Smiles*

The format of your composition... if you don't mind me asking, what kind of format is it? A manga style... perhaps? *Smiles*

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Haha, no, I don't plan on becoming a mangaka or anything. I just like to do this as a habit. BUT THANK YOU IzumiKoji! You are supportive and awesome yourself!
Correct, the format is manga style. :D
Thank you for reading this chapter! *HUGS*
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Dearest Jenny,

I hope you don't mind; if I call you by your first name, Jenny... I am hoping that you could call me Koji--- instead of a mouthful of letters, that somehow resembled a couple of yaoi characters. *Smiles*

Regarding the format of your composition, it would be a lot easier to read it. If you could insert a space between the sentences. *Smiles*

To be honest, I have difficulty dealing with the word processor, myself. The size and style of the characters/text are too small, not to mention, the original formatting before I export the text file always returns to the default., regardless. And the pictures cannot be resized... at least!

It was frustrating nonetheless.

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I know right, Koji? (Hehehe) Your name resembles a lot of Yaoi characters? Really? Hmm...interesting. I hate using all of those technical things; I mentioned earlier in your story's thread.
Thanks for the suggestion, but then as for me, I somewhat have a pet peeve for double space. I DON'T KNOW WHY I DO THOUGH! I think it's because I don't like the gaps and to me, it just sort of looks...iffy (if it's my paper; other people's, I don't really mind as long as I am entertained, like yours!). I'll take your thought into consideration though. Thanks a bunch, Koji! :D :D :D :D
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Oh yeah, Koji, I am sorry for being such a complex person. : ( I really can't help it.
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OP nuked.

If you ever come back, feel free to reupload.

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