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Meru Puri
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Posted 11/7/11
He grew up too fast..that's what I remember.
Ok, this manga didn't create that much of an impact so I really can't remember it, but I read it already.
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28 / F / Hawaii
Posted 4/15/12
one of my absolute FAVORITES!!!! this was what got me into matsuri hino in the first place! i actually got into a lot of trouble because I was working at Borders when i bought this and my male coworker was driving me home. i was running late so i gave him the money and asked him to buy it for me because i already had it on hold. i didn't tell him what it was and i got scolded the whole ride home because it looked like HE was buying a book that looked like this.

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18 / F / Zanarkand
Posted 4/22/12
I didn't really like it honestly,
compared to the mangaka's other work: Vampire Knight,
seriously, complete bullcrap. I read it because of the hype, & hated it. ;P
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